Food Review: Bear Paw! (SS15)

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Was feeling a little empty and bored today, 
so thought of chilling at some coffee shop with elysia.
So was our minds were set to enter to chatime but because
of the usual SS15 jam at 9pm, it was impossible to a parking at that street.

So anyways, as we are passing MCD to find parking,
there it was that we saw Bear Paw. 
So we both thought, why not?

Its about 4 stores away from MCD.
You can't miss the signboard of the restaurant.

This is the first store that i see put burgers to a whole new level.
Not only do they have various types of bread but also their shape is so unique!

Since we had our dinner we didn't order any food,
it was torture to see others eat.
The smell was AMAZEBALLS.

They also served tea!
Its exactly like the normal flavours you find in a bubble tea store but
its without the bubbles here.

Right: Jasmine Green Milk Tea (RM 5.90)
Left: Passion Fruit Soda (RM 5.90)

The Jasmine Green Milk Tea was amazing, 
it was served cold but some how it was a very
soothing drink for me.
Just perfect for supper :)

As for the Passion Fruit Soda, 
it was too sour for my taste.
Nevertheless, it was very refreshing!
Perfect drink to take if you need to stay awake!

Overall, everything was good but the layout of the restaurant was HORRIBLE.
There were so few tables and chairs.
They could have maximize their restaurant if they have had a better interior design.
But oh wells.
This place is definitely one of the hottest place to hang out.
By 10 pm, there were more people queuing to get their burgers/drinks as compared to 9pm.

Here's their menu (Got it as a leaflet. teehee) :

Their value meal is available for the entire day!

Bear Paw
No. 78 (Ground Floor), Jalan SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Hope you guys would enjoy is as much as I did! :)

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