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OHMYGOSH. Actually I wasn't expecting anything good to happen today. Was extremely tired since I slept at 2am++ last night... Is it just me or does it feels like we are getting less hours a day? Guess that is just how it is when classes start again. This week is Club Society week and seriously, for the first time in 2 years, Psychology Club Booth is PLACED outside of SSD (in cafeteria). It was TORTURE. PURE TORTURE. Could feel my clothes getting soaked in my sweat. I wish they install more fans around there.

Here is Kath and I sweating away at the booth.
Note the nail polish there ;)

The end result. 
Ignore my man-hands.


Anyways, on to the good news. While I was giving myself a mani and catching up on my WGM (there was nothing to do at the booth, I AM SERIOUS), I got a call. It was an unknown number, I recognize the unknown number because its the 3rd time it's been calling me since yesterday. FYI, yesterday I couldn't answer the calls because they called during class and when i called them back no one answered since it's after office hour. SO ANYWAYS. I answered the called and they were like, "Are you Jessica?". "Yes?". "YOU just won 4 tickets to ONE DIRECTION movie premiere!". Certainly a Hallelujah moment. Been ITCHING to watch the movie since I saw the trailer :) 

Have you all seen the trailer yet?

Anyways I seriously can't wait for tomorrow to come :D

We ought to live while we are young ;)

Anyways that's not all that happened today. FINALLY, got to watch Elysium. I am a sucker for Future Sci-Fi movies/shows. So when the trailer was out I told myself, I had to watch it. Was actually expecting more screen time for Jodie Foster! She is actually another one of the reason, why I was looking forward to the movie. The movie's plot was good but I wish they had done a better work with the layout and background. They could have made Elysium bigger. Some parts of the movie didn't made sense but oh wells, all movies got their flaws. At one point of the movie, I felt like I was watching a Mexican movie, due to all the Spanish in the movie. Anyways go watch the movie! I wouldn't want to spoil it for you all. If you are not a fan of action, DON'T WATCH IT. Lots of violent killing and goriness. Watched it with Ely, Ben and Gid. Interesting bunch la they all, I felt like I was making the most noise in the cinema with all the gasping when someone was killed. Seriously, I can't watch violent shows, most of the time I watch them through my fingers.... >.<

Doesn't this poster reminds you of DR OCTOPUS from Spiderman?

Anyways hope that you all had a good tuesday :)

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