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Humans are probably one of the most complicated beings ever created. Honestly why are some of us so difficult to each other? Do difficult people enjoy tormenting others with their difficult nature? Sometimes is caring about them even worth it all? Is it all worth it?

Recently my mobile phone's motherboard crashed and the phone shop said that its spoil beyond repair and it's better to get a new phone instead of repairing the motherboard that would cost RM550-RM600. When I thought about it, yeah its not worth the price to pay to fix my phone of 2 years. Maybe its the same as friendship. Ever felt like you are in a friendship/relationship that always need you to fix every tiny fights you have? Ask yourself if you are stuck in that friendship,  is it worth it? Is the cost of fixing that friendship of yours worth it? Are you ready to pay that heap amount of cost and spend time mending all the problems?

One thing I learn so far is that, all of us have our plus and minus points. Sometimes, we gotta understand that we all are different and the way we all communicate is different. I am not saying that when ever a fight occurs in your friendship you should just give up, but reflect and evaluate your friendship with that person. Is it a two way process where you two are encouraging and building each other or are you two just watching each other bleed to death?

No matter where we are, we should be aware of who we befriend and choose our friends wisely. We may have chose the best of friends that would stay with you forever and always have your back or the people that would be secretly happy to watch you die. The choice is yours. Our teachers, parents, advisers and counsellor always warn us about this. But believe it or not, friends are one of the people that we would learn our values and sooner or not we would pick up some of their habits along the way.

Sometimes its best to reflect on the things and issues you face because that is how you get to learn from your mistakes. Remember that the ones you love, usually hurts you the deepest. That's because they know all of your weaknesses.

Hope that you all would find your best of friends, partners and soul mates.
If you feel that there are many difficult people around you and you don't understand why. As a wise friend of mine said, 'Challenges, God place them in your life for your future purpose. Trust him :)'

Happy holidays ♥
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