Everyone say happy birthday to Jacquelyn! :D

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Its Jacq's birthday! :D

Anyways, today was a pretty boring day actually.
Slept in the whole morning,
then got up at 12.45pm to bake the LASAGNA.

Was so excited when chopping my veges and defrosting my meat.
But when it was time to cook the paste, things got messy.
The paste in the pot started to erupt like a volcano.
It erupted for about 5 times until I gave up and just consider the paste cooked.
Hope ma and jacq wont get any diarrhea ;)

This is the fifth eruption, got some paste on the walls too :(

After waiting for 30minutes. 

apparently according to clement i shouldn't have place the lasagna pasta as the top.
so yeah, had to remove it before baking it in the oven again.

Don't let the picture fool you, it tasted HORRIBLE.
Felt like I was eating cancer.
There goes my dream of becoming the next Jamie Oliver....
down in the toilet bowl. 

If you got any tips or advice you wanna give me. Please do.
I accept free food too.

Baby sis is now 19. 
Gosh, I feel old.

Celebrated her birthday at Chilies on Tuesday.
The Chilies at Paradigm was HORRIBLE.
Slow service. 
Had to wait 30min-1hour for our food to arrive. 
It wasn't even peak hour!
We went for supper around 9pm.

a few more days to their 22nd wedding anniversary! :D

Got to shop a bit before supper.
Gosh why is everything so cheap?!
H&M and Uniqlo was like heaven!

Bought two knitted cardigans from uniqlo, only rm30 each!

Saw this at H&M for only rm80!
Too bad, my budget wouldn't allow me.
Or else I would have gotten this baby <3

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