Is it the end?

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         Called Sunway University for the 4th time and ask them about the exchange program. The one in charge of the program, said that He until now have not receive any news about the program from Silla University (the exact same thing he said to me since the first call). Seriously. Is he doing his job or what? I got so frustrated because it seems like he didn't try any harder than to email Silla, I mean if this is the program that you are in charge of, shouldn't you just add more dedication? I wonder what the the other 2 applicants are doing. I wonder if they are as anxious as me. 

         So anyways, after the call with sunway, I email Silla University about the program. AND GUESS WHAT? They actually replied me!!! If sunway actually follow up with them with another email or actually CALLED them, I bet he would have known the situation there. If I as a student can do this, what more a university staff?

            In the email, Mr Yun from Silla said that there won't be any open intake for this month or next but only in NOVEMBER. SKJDDKDKD. Just shoot me now. Been waiting since last year to take part in this program but because of already settling my new textbooks and paying my uni fees, I thought it was a little to short of time to go. Haihs, the previous batch that just came back from the exchange is to blame. Sunway said that it was because of them that Silla is reluctant to accept anyone from Sunway University again. If you knew that the program is a one year exchange, why oh why did some of you return in 3 months or 11 months? You all knew the requirement of working at the cafe and the hours you ought to stay there until. Because of the 3, batch 2012, Silla actually wanted to cancel the entire program. Guess postponing it and cancelling it is almost the same. Been praying so much for this and because of the mistakes of others, the rest gotta pay for them. I hope that they know the consequences their actions brought them.

Guess all there is to do is to move on and pray for another opportunity to fly to me.

The email that Silla replied

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