Its ALREADY August!

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Can't believe that there is only 4 more months to go until 2014. 
Time really pass so fast.
A side from that, I finally quit my job!
Been very tired of working lately and being back from Sarawak 
just made me feel like a sloth to get back to work.
So yesterday I told my boss about my resignation and I will be getting my pay check soon!

Oh my free Wolverine movie tickets came in the mail today.
Thank YOU GALAXIE Magzine.

For those who always say that I am lucky getting free stuff,
the trick behind it is timing.
Just make sure that when you are on FB or their Blog, 
you would email them ASAP when you see FREE MOVIE TICKETS.
90% Guarantee that you would at least win one contest if you join five.
So what cha waiting for?

I sound like I am promoting for them now. Haha.

Not sure if you guys know about this, but yesterday
Joseph Germani did a live video on youtube.
Can't believe that I actually watched an hour of him
singing, talking, dancing and drawing.

Was actually waiting for him to answer some
serious questions and not the stupid ones.
A lot of people were asking about his relationship status and
here I am thinking shizz, give this guy a break.
But on the other hand, I saw a few of the deep long questions that others asked.
They were like, who inspire you to be who you are today?
What kind of future projects would you like to do?
But all wasn't asked. Oh wells.

Well, because of the video, I now know that he is 22 years old. 
Here I thought that he was 27 like Dan Khoo?
I actually sent him 4 questions and he read out loud my full name with a comment that I posted.
I was like WTH, why you read that comment instead of answering my questions?
And yes, the background music was loud before you reach my comment >.<

Jump to 26:22

He is one of our top youtuber in Malaysia and I hope that he knows he can make a difference with that fame of his, can't wait to see what he got next in line.

Honestly I want more sentimental videos and not just the shallow ones.

Last night I did another video of the trip I had in Sarawak. 
Feels so satisfied when I finished it.
Guess sleeping at 4am was worth it after all.
Enjoy! :D

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