Missed Calls

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Oh boy. Sally oh my Sally. 
Is his approval that important to you?

Trust, hard to come by eh?
Well I guess loyalty might be same for thou.

What ever reason it may be for you to conclude in that manner. Don't put it as you losing your trust in a person. But rather think of how you could have view it more maturely. You knew that I would do something after hearing it. Since when do I leave things alone? You know me, you knew that I would clarify things if it's needed. Nothing against you but I didn't want a wildfire to spread. I did cover as much as I could. I still stood for you through out the entire time. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I am really thankful for everything that you did but I don't see a point or understand how after everything, I am the villain for confronting my issue. If it was you in my shoes what would you have done? Anyways everything is already said and done. I still value you as more than a friend. I guess, it was just too much for you to bear or understand.

I am sorry how you were stuck in between of us. I hope you won't have to go through it again. Honestly, I am still shock and I can't help to feel a knife through my heart. I always thought that you would have my back if anything were to happen. In the end, I wonder if you would still be there.

Guess it's true what they say, 
with less expectations, there would be less disappointments
Complexity of friendship, I always thought that university students 
would have a better grasp of the difference of right and wrong.
How wrong am I.
Nothing a chill pill can't solve.

Sally, don't think so much. Just know that from every action there is a consequence. Think wisely. Congrats on your new adventure. Best of luck to you :) You are still one of those people that I would call if there is something that happen. Wanted to surprise you with something but you didn't pick up. It doesn't matter, I ain't angry. Guess you were busy.

[I miss Sarawak]

I am only human.
Conflicts should be confronted and never left alone.

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