Saturdays are truly the best (Part 1)

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Watched Wolverine with Elena today. 
Truly a blissful morning.

Had a funny weird encounter with the guards before picking up Elena.

Guard: EH! Are you the same girl from last time who always come 
here and pick up a chinese girl.

Me: Yes?

Guard: Mengapa muka dah tak sama?
(Why is it that you don't look the same?)

Me: Haha. Muka sama lah, tapi kereta bukan sama.
(Haha. I still have the same face but the car is different)

Guard: Tak la. Muka kau tak sama dengan dulu. Dah kahwin ah?
(No la. Your face ain't the same as before. Have you got married?)

Me: *shocked by the question* EHH? BELUM LA. *Instantly reply*
(Ehh? Haven't yet.)

Guard: OHH. Bagus! *Turns to the other guard* Eh ada chance!
(Ohh, thats good. Eh there is chance)

After that, he finally lift the pole for me to leave. Funny guards.

Had to wait so long for her.
It was a beautiful day, so why not a selfie? ;)

Got my pay today before the movie and went straight to Peacocks to buy
their awesome BLANKET soft hoodie for Jacq as her birthday present.
If you see her wearing it, tell her it's pretty kay? ;)
From the price of RM99 for the jacket drop down to RM49.95.
Thank you Lord for sales. What would we do without it?

As for Wolverine, it was kinda of a let down.
At one part, it was a little draggy for me.
BUT OHMYGOSH, MAKE SURE YOU stay for the SCENE after the credits!
Hope I didn't spoil it too much for you guys.

Oh we meet 1D at MBO, Subang Parade too ;)
Total hunks man, if only they are my age.

Notice that we carry the same bag? :P

Got this shot of FGT at ECC Building.
I miss 365 at FGT level 3 hall, still not used to having such a big white hall yet.

Had 30 minutes to kill since Elena was on OHP duty.
Manage to get good lighting there :)
Yes, I know I am vain.
 My defense for being vain is it's a girl thing.

OOTD for the movie and 365

Today at 365, the worship was so good.
Nat chose all the right songs.
Felt so mesmerized from the worship.
I actually didn't want it to end. 
If only we had an entire session of just worship.
It would be rather interesting.
Just linger in His presence :)

This is one of the songs that Nat sang,
still listening to it now at this hour <3

Uncle Wai Hin talked about Redeemed Time.
Basically its about knowing how to manage our Important, Urgent and Unimportant tasks.
One of the best (PLS) Practical Life Skills sermon.
The sermon was very structure and straight to the point.
Felt that engineers might have enjoyed the sermon more than usual today ;)
Since they think so systematically.
Half way during his sermon, he had a GAME SESSION.
Gucci PERFUME, Flora Edition!!!
I wanted it soooo badly.
Seriously how did all those people speed read for the game instructions?
Congrats to whoever who won it.

After church, Jacq's cell celebrated her birthday for her.
So sweet of them right? <3
Its chocolate berry cake btw, MY FAVOURITE :)

After everything at 365, had a dinner party to go to.
Will blog about it next time.
Its already 1:19am and I haven't started writing out
children church's OHP song.
Hopefully I don't oversleep again.

Watch this video of Dash!
Its soooooo CUTE! <3

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