Saturdays are truly the best (Part 2)

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Went over to Permai Golf and Country Club House (Kota Kemuning)
for a birthday/wedding anniversary.
It was one of mummy's church member and was really honour that
 they invited our entire family to celebrate their big day with them.

We actually didn't know that it would be at a club house.
Mummy read the invitation wrongly and thought that it would be at their house instead.
HAHA. Thank god we came in smart casual.
Or else we would be have been walking on the hall of shame.
Lots of the guest came in gowns and tiaras.
Didn't actually know what a big event it was until I saw the club house
and the banquet hall.

Felt like I was at one of a socialite's dinner party.
Permai's club house is really beautiful.
We arrive at 7.30pm-ish.
Their parking for the club is extremely far from the hall itself.
Was walking my 5inch heel, almost died when i sat
on my chair *heaven*

There was still a lot of kids swimming at 7.30pm-ish.
All of them using their membership well. haha.

The entrance to the hall (Classic ballroom)

Our table set up.
It's actually fancier than some of the wedding dinners i been to.

8.30pm-ish view of the pool

Jacq and Pa

Ely and I <3

And how could we forget darling Elena? :)

The room was surrounded with helium balloons.
Every wedding dinners should have wedding balloons too.
Makes it look so festive and joyful :)

Ma, Pa and Jacq

Wanted to take a shot of Ma and Pa together but Edwin was in the shot.

Ma giving a prayer to the couple for their 
50th wedding anniversary!

Suddenly out of no where, the host of the party blessed my
parents with a bouquet of flowers!
Its the first proper time my parents actually 'celebrated'
their wedding anniversary!
Happy for them both.

The chinese service people all pressured my parents to kiss.
Shocking to say but this is the first time I see
 them PDA-ing
Daddy was really happy :)

The Yong Family 2013

Again but this time to Aunty Christina's Camera

Meet French people there too.
Their names are Thomas and Stephanie.
It was interesting to talk to them and to hear their stories
of their country, religion, food and WINE :D
Btw, she too is a psycho like me!
I don't mean crazy, haha, she got a MASTERS in organisation psychology.
If I do take masters, I actually don't mind choosing the same too :)

What's any event without more pictures?
Once everything ended, all of us took out the cameras
and starting posing like its a photoshoot.
Had fun taking pictures with the boys and the helium balloons.
BTW thanks ELYSIA for all the pictures :D <3

An awkward moment with tipsy josh there.

If only he wasn't 3 years younger :P

After spending 3 hours there, 
we are finally home.
It was so tiring, especially walking in heels.
Oh wells, the disadvantage of being a girl.
The painful pretty things that we force ourselves to wear.

Snap a quick picture with ma's flowers. 
I know, I look like a mess.

Before the night ends, another selfie! :)

Totally enjoyed myself, if only there was more parties like this to go to.
Can't wait for the other 2 weddings at the end of the year.
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