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Class is starting in 5 days and results are still not out yet! Is Sunway trying test our patience? Honestly, how can we have enough time emotionally accept our results on Friday when class is on Monday? Feel like I might be having a mental breakdown soon. I bet no one would be sleeping on Thursday night. Everyone might just be too eager/anxious for the results on Friday morning. Since Sunway claimed to be the NUMBER #1 University in Malaysia, they ought to have better IT department. Everyone else in Lancaster got their results posted except for the Psychology Department. Just thinking about it makes my hair stands.

Apparently, Sunway University now got a new Mascot, 
Samson the Sun Bear.
It kinda reminds me of the A&W Bear ;)

Thank god today is WEDNESDAY! Just got back from SUNWAY CELL :D I find myself looking forward to it now every week. Love the topics that we discussed so far. Today the topic was Apologetic, which means is the discipline of defending a position (often religious) through the systematic use of information. Sounds deep right? Each week the cell topics gets deeper and it's actually refreshing since there isn't  really a platform for me to learn and understand at. Anyways, we talked about the other religions and their teaching and compare what's different with Christianity. There were a lot of points thrown at but my biggest take from this lesson was, why I decided to be a Christian in the first place. Which is to have a relationship with God. So far, from my understanding, no other God's of other religion actually builds their relationship with their God. As for Christianity, it is encourage for us to spend time studying the word of God (Bible) and to also seek him (Prayer). God is my best friend and I can't think of a situation where I could survive without him. I know this might sound weird to a lot of people but of all the prayers (conversation with God), He does reply and answer them. Not immediately or from a form of a voice but He does through others and situations. 

Jacintha started the cell by asking us what was our favorite memory verse from the bible, I wrote Jeremiah 29: 11 (NLT), which says, 'For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.' There were other meaningful memory verses from the other cell members, wish i wrote them down but was just immerse listening to they read favorite memory verses :) The only one verse I could remember from the one of the cell member was Jeremiah 17:7 (NLT), which says, "But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence."

Here is one of the video we watched after Cell :)

Today was really a good day, can't wait for what's in store for next week cell. Oh Oh. Before I forget, started my first day of free trial at the gym today. Can't believe that Kish and I went there at 6AM-8AM. I actually did 3KM on the treadmill. Talk about hardcore man! Felt so proud of myself :D We didn't take a break at all when we were there, instead we tried all the machines. Kinda felt like a pro instructing Kish on all the equipment. TEEHEE. Hopefully, we won't stop half way. 

I wonder would we still be as gungho when class starts? Only time will tell. Alrights, time for 'We Got Married' then it's off to bed. Trying to reset my bio clock to order, I actually didn't sleep at all and manage to function the entire day. Before you judge, I actually lie on the bed but I just couldn't sleep. I gave up after rolling around the bed for hours. Ended up organising my stuff again. 

Me and my OCD.

Part One: Organised My Make Up

Part Two: Organised My Shoe Cabinet

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