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Just got back from a music performance. Oh gosh all of the bands/singers were really so GOOD, I really do hope there are more of these music performances that people would invite me too. Honestly I wasn't expecting anything much, since I don't even know who the main act was. Mainly was there to support SKYWARD, but boy did the other two blew me away. Half way during An Honest Mistake (AHM) 's performance, I was thinking to myself, how could I not have heard of them. They were really awesome, their energy, their musical accuracy, their lyrics, etc. They were just amazing, would have bought their album too if only I brought enough money. Oh wells, some other day. Really loved their acoustic showcase. So glad my friend told me about it.  

Their promo poster of the night.

The first performance of the night is by a mellow soulful 22-year old, Ariff Danial. 
Loved how his voice could just make me enchanted. 
Here is a sample of his music: https://soundcloud.com/ariffdanial
Go listen to Safe! It's so soulful, kinda bump that only got to hear him now, 
MUSIC like his should aired on the radio more often. 
Honestly, Malaysian bands are too underrated. 
We ought to show more love to them. 
Can't wait for the next music festival/performances featuring more raw talents like Ariff :)

Ariff mesmerizing everyone

The main performance for me, Skyward. They performed 4 songs, if I am not wrong, 3 covers and their original, More Than :) Hopefully they will UPLOAD more music by them on their skyward music page. Both the Ming brothers have really awesome voices la. Plus their confidence and crowd interaction is just hilarious! They never fail to make me laugh, especially Ming Yue! Oh that joker. He should actually try stand up comedy too ;) Hopefully for their next performance there would be a new original song out by then :D

There were quite a few high schoolers there, which was cute la.
All of them screaming their lungs off to show their support
and dedication.

BTW the place was packed with people at 9pm!
It was crazy man, everyone was just trying to find a good place to stand.
Thank god I made rhys come an hour early to get good seats.

This was how empty the place was at 8.30pm

DRUM ROLLS! After listening to the performance by AHM tonight, they just got themselves a new fan. I really love how they are so soulful yet rockish at the same time. AND boy did the lead singer had style man. He had longer hair than me and it was RED. BRIGHT RED! The kind that can stop traffic. Apparently, this wasn't the first time I seen him in person, the first time was at the BERSIH/GE-13 rally at Kelana Jaya. Didn't realize it until rhys pointed out that he was the one standing just right in front of us. Anyways, they were really incredible la. They had a lead singer, female co-singer, 2 guitarist, a violinist, a cello player, a drummer and a bassist. That's like 8 people on stage! While with that many people on stage, the 2 lead singers could still dance like how Willow Smith would whip her back and fourth. Anyways bellow are the pictures taken during their performance.

Here is one of their song

Just realized that I didn't take a close up picture of the female singer, Sheryl. Apparently it was her last performance with the band as she is leaving to UK Leeds to further her studies on psychology. At that moment when the lead singer announced that, in my head I was like, "whoaaa, you go sistah! Show them all that psychology students are not all nerds. We know how to have fun too ;)". Oh wells, there goes another talented Malaysian. Didn't realized that AHM has been around for 5 years. Seriously, after tonight, I am going to try to make it an effort to support more of our local bands and singers. If we as malaysian don't, then who will?

What a night. Oh what a night.

Another song of AHM.
I really love this one the most, plus the MV is good :D

Night all :)
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