Self Destruction vs Self Evaluation

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OMG, being a 3rd year university student is not easy, especially in a psychology major. Serious, how does everyone cope with all the pressure of handling group work assignments while writing their thesis, resume for internship and reading the crazy amount of journals for both tutorial and assignments. I feel like I might be getting white hair soon with all the stress I am feeling. Kinda wish I was in korea now. It should be autumn now. Oh gosh, I would trade korea with rainy Subang any day. 

Had a problem with one of our group assignment today. Actually, I don't understand how a person could not know that because of their attitude no one wants to go near them. It's it just them being oblivious to how others feel or do they really not know? Teamwork. Teamwork. Teamwork. Today at 'Learning Disability' class, Dr Alvin said, the most important skill that everyone should have is not survival skills but COMMUNICATION SKILL. I was actually pretty much zoning out during his lecture, it was 8.30am in the morning, but when he said that, it got my attention. Because to me, survival skills would be the NUMBER ONE thing we should have, which is able to do things on our own like peeing, bathing, shitting, finding food, clothing ourselves without any assistance. Apparently I was wrong, because the way he puts it, if you know the basics of communicating, you could ask others for help and they would teach you. Everything else could be easily learn once we know how to seek help and get others to be there for us when at need. Thinking about that, makes me wonder, as humans, we really can't survive without having social contact with another.

Just the other day, I felt so weird not talking to anyone. But when I met my Lancaster buddies (currently I am in charge of 3 UK exchange students), it was like I was being recharge. I always love to meet new people and well, I guess it would be a lonely place if we don't converse or just spend time with others. I know that some people can do without another human contact but would they be psychologically well? 

Just finished my resume for internship, still thinking of which company to apply. Honestly, I would love to enter into our country's leading entertainment and media industry but after listening to today's lecture from Dr Alvin, it's sad that there is so few TRAINED people to help assist and train the disable. Might just look into more centers instead. Oh gosh, lets see which company would accept me. *fingerscrossed*

Hope that you all had a good week :)

Some of the recent highlights of the week :D

Went to 1D Premiere with these pretty ladies :)
The FANS there were crazy! 
They had posters and were shouting 1D before the movie even started.
Preteens. heh.

Game Show Club was a success!
Despite the rain, everything went well.
THANK YOU RHYS for helping out :)

Sadly I injured my toe during the games.
Could literally feel the nail coming off now.
Hopefully it won't affect me during the badminton 
competition this week :(

Played a new 'asian' board game on sunday.
Guess who TAPAO everyone on the first round! ;)
Teehee :D 

And lastly my Lancaster 'Ang Mor' Buddies are here!
Would take a proper picture with them on our
next food adventure.
Can't wait to see them again :D

It's 11:50pm now. 
Sleep tight everyone :)
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