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Gosh, its that time of year again. Berjaya Youth have just uploaded top 10 videos to their annual favorite video competition! Lots of great talents as always. I wonder who would win this year!

At first, I was totally blown away by Germani's video because its so relate-able. *Fan girl moment* He finally uploaded another romantic video. Kinda getting annoyed with his ads that he uploads because he can do so much better than the snickles ad lo. His video really brings out the emotions of the characters and finally he used a new female cast! In the video, she actually looked more natural as compare to him when acting. But nonetheless, it was a good video. It even reminded me about my own break up. Sometimes, you don't have to have a good ending to make it a good story and well Germani proof that right.

Besides that, was so happy to see new video that I couldn't help but to tweet about his video and guess what he retweeted back! haha. I know I sound like such a jakun but give me a break, I'm human too :)

Anyways, judge the video for yourself. Here is the link. Like if you enjoy it :)

After looking at Germani's video, I wanted to see who his competition was. I know I sounds so stalker right, but seeing how Germani grown, I guess I just wanted to see him succeed. OH BOY was I in a dilemma, GUESS WHO WAS HIS OTHER BIG COMPETITOR? Its none other than Ming Han D: WHY la? How to choose between them? Honestly, both their video genre are so different and well, I love them both.

Ming's one is a little more deep. Kinda makes us think about how we view things in life and how we shouldn't place judgement easily. Plus he even include Malaysian culture and the beautiful sights of KL :) Oh KL <3

Anyways, here is his video. Like it if you enjoy it :D

In the end, I liked both. If only Berjaya can have two winners. But seeing how firm and supportive Germani's fans are, got a feeling that he might win instead of Ming D:

View the rest of the other uploads at http://www.youtube.com/user/berjayayouth?feature=watch
Who knows, you might have just helped someone achieve their dream :)

Here is another one of the contestant
His video is dedicated to all the dancers

Night :)
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