United we stand, Divided we fall

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"People are you coming with me?"

It's a beautiful day. Lots have happen today but one thing is for certain that I can't stop but to reflect on the past events. So many plans and so many inspiring events that appeared on my mind but I can't help to wonder, can I do it all? Honestly I don't understand why is there so many restrictions to start something new. Don't tell me it's the lack of money factor or that it can't be done. We won't know what can or can't be done unless we try it ourselves. How would you know how many cars would honk you today if you won't even dare to drive? Honestly I wish all of us got courage to make a difference. We always talked about what we lack, how things could have been better if it was done that way or this would be good for the people. Whats the point of talking if in the end there is nothing done? It's time to walk the talk. And it's gonna be starting from this day on.

Can't believe that I would be passing away free tickets to a free movie screening 
by TGV Cinemas D:

Oh wells, promises are meant to be kept and not adjustable as we like

Loved the music and the message of the video. Most of us actually don't know the meaning of Malaysia day and to be honest this day should be our Merdeka day. It's the day when we are all truly united as one. Thank you Tunku Abdul Rahman for making it possible.

Without courageous people in Malaysia to say 'enough is enough', we would never have Merdeka or Malaysia Day. So THANK YOU to all those who made a stand. I believe that besides our leaders we ought to thank the hidden heroes too. They did it without recognition but a sense of upholding their duty to the nation. Big or small, young or old, recognize or not, they are all important. Though I am no one, just an ordinary psychology student, I bet there is a lot of things I could help with what ever. We gotta start somewhere right?


Speaking of somewhere, there is a talent show happening on the 16 November 2013 at our 365 youth group. If you are interested to join or attend the show, do check out this video and this link https://www.facebook.com/365YouthMinistry for more information :)

Talents, we all are gifted and here is a chance to show them.

Happy Malaysia Day :)
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