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Thinking of getting a Polaroid camera but scare that your pictures might not turn out good?
In this digital age, almost everyone like to see whether their picture comes out 
good before printing or uploading a picture to their social networks.
I was actually waiting for this product since their announce it early this year.
Saw this product on WGM Global (Korean Drama) and 
was ALMOST ready to purchase it on ebay.
Thank god I didn't.
It finally arrive in Malaysia and guess what?!
They are having a RM100 discount promo at Giant Subang Outlet.
Their booth is in the mall but not in Giant itself.
Anyways more details at the bottom.

Using Bluetooth it detected my S3 pretty fast.
It's actually almost the same size as my S3.
Easy to use.

Here are some of the steps to print a photo.
Either Bluetooth it or use your phone to tag on it.

The FILM cost RM49.90 for a box of 30 

Currently they are selling it at RM399.00
Was told by the promoter that the original price is RM499.00
The offer is until 20th of Oct 2013
So don't miss out!

Here is a shot I took with my S3 at the booth

And here is the printed one.
I didn't like the fact that they brighten our faces.
Mummy looks like a ghost here with her glowing complexion
The promoter said that it would be better if I have edited my picture with their printer app.
Yes the printer got an app too on playstore and appstore.

Here is the spec for some of you geeks like me :)
FYI no ink is needed for this printer, just film

Giant Subang USJ
Persiaran Subang Permai,
Sungai Penaga Industrial Park
(Behind of Summit USJ)

Watch the video for more info :)

Enjoy! xx

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  1. wow it's interesting!! But I got polaroid dy :/

    1. haha interesting right? I just got my polaroid cam a few months ago. regretting getting it because i get so scare to bring it around or to take pictures, since each film is so expensive ): which polaroid are you using? :)

  2. Ahhh!, thank you!! I was looking for this too after watching that wgm episode!
    And I'm same with you, thinking of getting a polaroid but sometimes the shots are not so perfect. :<

    1. Yay! another WGM Global fan! taec and gui :D I would recommend getting this. the film is way cheaper than a polaroid's. So you thinking about getting it? :P

    2. Hahaha yes! But not now, although the promotion is quite tempting. Did you get it? They provide free film for you to try?
      Btw, I love HongKi & Fujii Mina the most! <3

    3. haha oh hongki <3 he is coming to malaysia soon for his tour! :D
      I got a polaroid already, regretting buying it now D:

    4. lol but I'm nt going! Not really a fans of him, just falling for him in wgm. :p
      Use yr polaroid to the fullest first :)

  3. wowww! nice! sumore 400 onlyyy!


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