All good things have to come to an end

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This week has been a very busy week went to Movie preview, Churp Churp, Gen Y Music Fest, Tea Party by Zurich and I Heart Bazaar. About to drop dead any moment. Got class again tomorrow. Oh gosh, I just wanna freeze time now. Just when you are enjoying your semester break, life pushes you back to reality D: 

How about you guys how has your weekend been?

Thanks to Nuraini. 
I was well fed with apple cake and cookies on Thursday and Friday :D

Imma huge fan of peel-fresh drinks.  ABSOLUTELY LOVE the guava flavor. Been drinking it since I was 16? This is kinda random, but I love their new packaging and their wittiness on how they promoted it :)
So yeah, fruit juices, a must have :D

Mom stock up our fridge with them this week, cried out of happiness when I saw them :')

Thunder Tights. haha

A few of us got to hang out and just chill at the pool. Just what we all needed la.
Some relax time before returning back to class again. Ugh. 

Don't know if I should say this or not but well here it goes, I enjoy blogging and honestly I haven't consider it as a career. It's like a new found hobby. I don't get paid for anything but I am given free admission to various events to cover them. Honestly, it's fun and I ain't expecting much from this. But who knows what the future brings? 

Would be starting my internship on January and well, I am not quite sure if I would still be blogging by then. Not sure if all of you noticed this but I am currently a guest blogger for A Shopaholic Den (ASD) :) Am really blessed and thankful to be able to experience all of this. Am still looking to what else I can get my hands on. 

By covering a few events so far, found out that I love taking pictures too. Took a lot of great shots and videos during Gen Y Music Festival. So stay tune for that. Besides that, I took on another project that need me to review two handphones. The review should be up before November. Gosh it's already the 20th of Oct! How time flies. 

Here are my two babies for the week
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1 hour and 30 minutes more to go until the Starbucks Card Giveaway would end!
What cha waiting for?

Anyways I gotta prepare for class tomorrow!
Goodnight! xx
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