Bittersweet Moments

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To go or not to go. Honestly, I wish I can really be at two places at once. Learned my lesson for today, I shouldn't blindly say yes to someone without thinking things through. Guess that day is a good date since so many events are falling on the same day. Torn between the middle now. I really wish I could stop time and do both at once. Then again, guess this is where it all lies down to. Which road really matters to me? 

Two years ago I wouldn't have asked that question, what changed? Life. Friends. Me. As a famous quote goes, "Gain some, lose some. You can't have everything in the world." Somehow or people are starting to drift away, they began to change and somehow or another talking to them have a chilly feel attached. Especially at a certain place, we cry, we learn, we listen but honestly it just feels like it's all in the surface. Guess it's true what people say, when they need something they would be your best friend but when they don't, they don't even notice your existence. Friendship. What is that? Everything is just starting to be a blur.

Somehow or another I thought when I reach the age of twenty-one, I would be able to conquer the world. It's funny how I am back to the question I asked myself when I was seven. What is friendship? Don't get me wrong, I got friends. Just... Something Changed. It isn't the same anymore. Guess I shouldn't expect to much. In the end, we need each other to get things done. Communication. Communication is what helps to strengthen or break a relationship. Whether it's lack of communication or miscommunication, it seems to circle a lot around me. I guess, that's the way it would be. Even if I don't want it to happen, no matter what I try it seem to backfire. 

Church. University. Expectations. Dream. Wishes. Hopes. Future. Love. SINCERITY...
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