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Photo Credits: MELFE Crafts FB Page

Looking for something new to be added in your jewelry box?
Bored of seeing the same stuff from mainstream stores?

Check out MELFE Crafts!

They are a new store that sells handmade accessories, hair accessories, bags and etc

They just started their store and gosh am I blown away by their stuff!
Saw one of their gold chain with black beads bracelet and bought it in a flash.

Got it for RM19.90 at their booth :)

Been wearing it ever since :D

Everything at this corner for only RM4.90!

They also sell spike hairbands for RM4.90.
This is the first store that I see selling at this price.
Honestly, it's worth every sen and I would go back to them when
I am in need of anything :)

RM14.90 for that cutesy bag
Perfect for bazaar shopping ;)

Bought a black bracelet.
Can you spot it on the table?

This were my favourite from their collection
Was actually torn between the red and the black but
got the black in the end :)

The Owners of MELFLE Crafts

With Felicia

Photo Credits: MELFE Crafts FB Page

Got a hair clip as a free gift

If you do love their stuff,
do check out their Facebook Page for more info!

This Saturday, 26th Oct 2013, their store would be at I Heart Bazaar,
E@CURVE, from 10am-10pm.

MELFE Crafts is giving away mystery gifts this Saturday (26/10/2013) at their booth

As for next Sunday (3/11/2013), just mention my blog name 'Jessy The KL Chic' 
& you would be able to walk away with a mystery gift!

As simple as that! What cha waiting for? 
Head down to their booth this Saturday and next Sunday to 
collect your FREE mystery gifts! :)

Do check out their Facebook page for more info :)

Happy shopping girls! xx
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