Entertainment Review: Laser Warzone (IOI Mall - Puchong)

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Want to have fun but don't know what to do with your friends?
Want to play paint ball but afraid of the pain?
Well then my friends, laser tag is all you need for a fun filled adventure.
It always makes me feel like I am a secret agent trying to kill all the villians.
PLUS: After 3 games, I bet you would be sweating out as if you ran a marathon.

To those who watch How I Met Your Mother would know what laser tag is.

If not, read this post!
After this, you would want to try it out for yourself!

Ah, at beautiful Saturday morning, 9am to be exact, the day of laser tag finally arrived. To those who don't know what is laser tag, it's like paintball but less painful and instead of using paint, they use laser. Talk about the 21st century. If you haven't have a chance to play it yet, what cha waiting for? Grab at least 5 of your friends and head on down to the nearest laser tag! Brought the children church kids to IOI Mall, Puchong for Laser Warzone. So far this ought to be the BIGGEST laser tag area to run around. 

The kids all pumped up to play

There is student discount too!

Don't worry if you don't know how to play, 
as there would be a short briefing on how to handle the equipment.

Lock and load!

everyone going into their position

FYI the place is dark, for all these pictures, I turned on my camera flash.

They had glow in the dark paint on the wall

There is an upper level for you to run to for shelter

The place is generally very big and there are lots of hiding spots
But why hid when you can ATTACK! :D
I brought 20 of my friends in here and it was still big enough for all of us :)
Love how the place is almost like a real war battle field like.

I found you!

The waiting area

They also have cctv of whats happening in the laser tag area
for those who are outside to view


The outside

It's actually located in an arcade 

After each game they would reveal the winner as well with the best players, etc.

After 3 games, everyone was sweaty and satisfied

Laser Warezone
IOI Mall Puchong, 3rd Floor, Oasis Atrium (New Wing)
03 8070 1335
Daily : 10am-10pm

Members and students gets discount.

Still not pumped up yet? 
Here is the master at work. 

Enjoy xx

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