Sale: RSH Warehouse Sale Review 2013

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Phew, what a day. Just got back from classes, handling up an assignment and the RSH annual warehouse sale. Never expected to rain but thank god for free parking inside of the warehouse compound. Anyways, here are some of the pictures I took when I was at the sale with kishya and nuraini. We were all in a rush to get the best items until we didn't even took a picture together. haha. oh wells.

Heaps of badminton rackets priced at rm50+

The organised corners

Sports equipment: Dumbbells, yoga mats, etc. 

Guess what I found? My racket from last year.
It is only RM11!!!

Some weird equipment I saw lying around.
Only RM25!

I think this was RM80+

Sport's attire

Reeboks shoe section


Told myself I wouldn't be spending anything,
since Kish was the one that needed a sport shoe.
But I guess temptation got the best of me.
This was only RM40~!
Love the fact that its a one piece swimsuit shorts :)
Finally, a proper swimsuit.

To be honest, this year stuff were better than the previous years. So many more designs for workout attire and sport shoes. Everything at the warehouse sale looked neater and more organised as compare to last year. Love how they have learn to manage things more proper. It was 2.30pm when I got there, there weren't much of a crowd. Thank god for that. Din't like to squeeze my way through the place to find buried treasures.

So yeah, this is how the warehouse sale looked like. They sold lots of bags, caps and swim items. Might go back to get sis a sport shoe. The Reebok running shoes is priced at RM79 there! Overall, its a good sale.


This is an old poster. 
But it's the same.


Not sure why they didn't promote much of this but I just confirm with one of the staff of RSH, that it is ongoing. Anyways here are the details!

Date: 2nd October - 6th October 2013
Time: 10am-7pm
Location: RSH Building, Lot 601, Kompleks Hamodal 5, Off Lagoon Selatan, Off Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya, Selangor

If you don't believe me, Call their hotline : 03-5123 2668

Here is the map

Happy shopping! xx

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