Event: Zara, Berska, Pull & Bear Warehouse Sale Review

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Hey babes! Just got back from the warehouse sale and boy was it worth my entire afternoon! Had a full day today actually. Had to pick up ma & pa to TTDI, attend a university cert ceremony, attend another club cert ceremony / social gathering, pick up sis from college and the go for the sale! :D  I actually went for the sale twice today. Went at 12pm, met up with some uni girls and again with the girls at 3.30pm.

So here is all the details. To those that haven't been there yet, here is what to expect at the sale. 

Note: Following pictures were taken at 12pm.

 The entrance of the warehouse sale.
Can you see the Zara, Berska, Pull & Bear Signs?

There is an entire section for men and their jackets

Female casual wear


Sweaters section

Men's sweaters


Looks like a pasar right? Teehee


This top caught my eye among everything.
Sadly I didn't buy it.

More casual/formal tops

Should have got this top! It was only RM19.90!

Men's Blazer

Look who i met at the sale? :D
Everyone say hi to Steph!

Note: The following pictures were taken at 3.30pm

Female Blazers & Jackets

Jane and I
Was actually there with kishya and jeanette also,
but everyone was just too busy shopping  ;)

Dress section!

ALL BLOUSES, TOP AND DRESSES are priced at RM19.90!
Jackets and outerwear are priced at RM39.90!

Bought 2 dresses, 1 cardigan and 1 top in the end.
Quite cacat la my pictures. So tahan la.


To those who still don't know, here are the details to the warehouse sale :)

Date: 2nd October - 6th October 2013
Time: 10am-7pm
Location: RSH Building, Lot 601, Kompleks Hamodal 5, Off Lagoon Selatan, Off Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya, Selangor

NOTE they have new stock everyday! When I was there at 3.30pm, they rang their bell (yes, a bell) to announce that they are releasing new stock from their boxes. SO, try to stay at the warehouse for at least 2 hours, in order not to miss out on all the goodies :D there wasn't much of a crowd at 12pm and 3.30pm but I heard that the morning crowd was crazy pack. So all the best to y'all!

Happy shopping xx

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