Event: Zurich Tea Party

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Got a chance to attend True Lady Tea Party by Zurich last Sunday :)

This event is only for those who registered online
However during the event lots of shameless aunties and uncles sneak themselves
in the event and push their way to eat the free food.
hohoho, oh we malaysian ;)
so giam siap

They says on their poster that it starts at 2pm 
but there were already so many people when we reach there at 1ish pm.
All the smart early ladies got a chance to go for free makeover!

Zurich providing the best coverage for women


The event
It was next to Diva in Curve

Manicure Station

Hair Station

Hair Station

The crowd

Their unlimited trays of pastries :)

Kish and I at the event :)

The EMCEE of the event, Elaine Daly
Also host of Bella, Ntv7

Dance Performance
There is actually a story to the dance where it is about a girl who met a boy. They fell in love and got married. They then got a baby girl together but suddenly she fell ill. But thanks to Zurich who came to the rescue, the mother got to have her appropriate treatment and then all live happily ever after :)

Super corny if you asked me but it was entertaining enough :D hehe

As time pass the crowd grew

The next line up of the event was a make up artist
she gave us advice on how to have clear skin and basics of make up

She then asked the audience for a volunteer to show how to manage to
put on fast yet good make up for everyday activity

An aunty volunteered herself



Not sure if you can see it but I could notice that her
complexion looked less dull and she had lip gloss on.
Super adorable lo. hehe.

Next up was a hairstylist

He asked Q&A of audience for any hair related problems

He then asked for a volunteer too
He showed the audience how to achieve simple hair tricks in a short time


He gave her more volume to her hair and wavier i think

The last speaker of the day was a nutritionist 
She talked about what which food was good and which isnt
Nasi lemak and Roti Canai is under the bad food category D':

Got to snap a quick photo with Ms Elaine :)

After all the speakers were done, Kish and I
went to do our hair for free and here is the before and after shots :D

oh currrrrrrrls <3



Top: F.O.S Outlet
Bottom: Cotton On
Flats: MOD
Bracelet: MELFE Crafts

Everything ended around 4ish.

We then head to Curve's bazaar and found some awesome shops

Cool mask to protect yourself from any harmful gas
or if the haze comes back :/

Check out MELFE Crafts for free mystery gifts!

The goodie bag from Zurich! <3

Would be giving this out as a giveaway this week! :D

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