Food: Coffee Chemistry (SS15)


Is it just me or is everyone having a craze for coffee art? No? Well maybe then it's just me. When I saw that other countries had 3D and colour on their coffee art, I was so jealous that Malaysia didn't have it. Little did I know, Malaysia had it all along and it's found at SS15, First Subang @ Coffee Chemistry! Was feeling a little adventurous today and decided to try out this coffee shop with Kish and Jane after class. Gosh, I was so happy when I saw the prices. It's way cheaper that the other coffee shops that I had tried so far lo. Same price for better quality :D Hehe.

A fan of coffee art?
Been dying to try out 3D coffee art but don't know where to go?
Continue reading this post for more info :D

First Subang Mall (SS15)

Located at ground floor of First Subang Mall
It is on the right from the main entrance of the mall

These plates would be serve with cakes.
Cute right?!
Too bad of the mist I couldn't take proper shots of it.

And of course they got minion designs!
Did I get it right? Whats their theme song again? :3

Full view of their dessert display
Macaroons and cakes! <3

Love the layout of the restaurant. So classy!
We reached there around 5ish pm, so it was a little empty
As everyone was leaving their work place and jamming up the roads.

I remember coming to the shop on a weekend and gosh was it pack!
But for the food and the price.
It's so worth it :)
They even got a board game corner for anyone to play after their meals
Talk about a wonderful place to bond with your friends and family.

This was display at the front of their restaurant

Where the coffee magic happens

I wanted to video the dude doing my 3D coffee art but was worry if
I pressure him then he accidentally destroy my coffee. *.*
So I didn't la in the end.
It would have been really cool lo if I did. 
Then can show you all :)
Oh wells :D

Their Menu
It's dull looking on the front but don't let that fool you
because the inside of it is so well organise and professionally done

Kids Menu

Beef Bacon Fried Rice! OHMYGAWD :3

Teriyaki Chicken Rice :D

Just showed you all of pictures from their menu that made me drool #.#

Kish's Rose Latte (RM9.90)
It seriously smelled so rosy and the taste of it was definitely there

Their layout of their restaurant

Jane and the latte

My Signature Caramel Macchiato (RM12.90)

FYI this drink is NOT on the menu.
So make sure to remember this name or show the waiter the picture of this
when you wanna order it! :D

Was so happy when it arrive on the table
Hehe. just like a kid who got ice cream <3

This is actually my first time seeing colours on coffee art lo.
Not sure if you all realise this but not all shops can
put colours and make it 3D too.
So yeah, the red tasted like rose syrup.

To those who are picky on food,
make sure you find out on the ingredients first before ordering :)
Don't want your allergies to break out during your meal.

Jane's Chicken Herb Mushroom (RM16)

It was amazeballs btw.
Would come back and order it again since I know how good it is :D

Kish and her Rose Latte

Both of us enjoying our drinks like tai tais

Jane with her humongous dinner 

Jane's Signature Cappuccino (RM10.90)
Super adorable right?  

Jane is a happy kid

Us just fooling around
Bet the waiters thought that we gone mad
but we didn't care.

OH they played good music there too :D
The last time I was there, they actually played Sungha Jung's music
oh so hipster :)

Not leaving a single drop left

Us all satisfy with the service, food & drinks

Oh they served us free water too
Sweet right?
I know that it's just water but at least it's free ;)

Felt so weird with our group picture.
But oh wells.
Thank you waiter who took these pictures :D

Verdict: 9/10
Overall, I had a very VERY good experience here. Love the location and the accessibility to parking. Loved the ambiance and the interior of the restaurant. Everything was just perfect. Service was good and fast. Food was excellent and affordable too. Make sure to check out their LUNCH & DINNER promotion on their Facebook Page or ask the friendly waiters about it.

Coffee Chemistry Signature
Lot G22 & G23, First Subang Mall,
Jalan SS15/4G,
47500 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-5612 2299
Operating Hours: 10am-10.30pm

Happy food hunting xx
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  1. Really not bad. So adorable! ♥

    1. yesh babe its adorable and tasty too. love their drinks <3

  2. i haven't tried ordering any 3D coffee art before but i hope to! looks really cute and well-made here :D

    1. hey sean! gosh it's surprising to hear that the king of foodie haven't tried 3d coffee art yet. haha.

  3. That 3D coffee art is adorable!

    1. I know right! Gosh, you should see the plates they serve their cakes on. They got cartoon/minion designs ^^

  4. The 3D coffee art looks so cute!! Looking at food this hour makes me drools over the keyboard T^T

    1. haha. go and try out their store for breakfast then ;)

  5. Eeek! My tired looking face and eyes :P We should go back laaaa <3 :D

    1. hahaha! yes... but eh. i found another awesome cafe. tell you tmr ;)

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    1. Hi there, thank you for the reference! :D I checked out your page. Hope that you have a fabulous weekend ahead!

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