Food Review: Chilla Cup (Subang Avenue)

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Photo Credits: Chilla Cup FB Page

Need a place to chill with good food at wee late hours?
Come and check out Chilla Cup.
Am totally IN LOVE with their Caramel Toast now.
If only all of my toast could taste as good as theirs :)

Since today is the eve, they only close at 1am
There were a lot of people who brought their laptops and did their work here
Not only is their food good here but their WIFI is fast. 
I think they use unifi here.

BTW there are a lot of mosquitoes at the corner of the cafe
So BEWARE, you have been warn! D:

Cakes on display
Most of their cakes cost RM8.50 if i am not wrong
Was about to order their tiramisu when I saw their CARAMEL TOAST :D

Hanging with Amelia on a Monday Blue :)

Besides desserts, they serve main dishes too.
Their breakfast set looked delicious but I was craving for something sweet ;)

Oh they serve pretzels too :)

Caramel Latte - Hot (RM11)
They even serve a cookie with the latte <3

Us and our latte (:

 The humongous Caramel Toast (RM9.50)
I wasn't expecting it to be soooooo GOOD.
Like seriously, when amelia took a bite of it.
She stop talking and just looked at it because it was just too AMAZINGG.
Gonna be bring my entire family here one day.
This much of awesomeness needs to be known to the world :D

Amelia with the incredible toast

Imma happy girl :)

So yeah, this just might be a new place to go to besides the mamak. Glad that this cafe close late at night. This way we won't have to worry about the time. 
Its self service here, you would have to go to the counter to order your food. 
The person at the counter was giving me a meh vibe and so was the rest of the waiters around but the girl who served us our food was super friendly and cheerful, so it kinda didn't ruin the experience.
Oh there is FREE PARKING HERE! And lots of it too :)

Verdict: 8/10
Could have been 9/10 but the massive amount of mosquitoes seriously scared me.

Chilla Cup
Lot SG-03A, GF, Subang Avenue,
Persiaran Kemajuan SS16,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-5631 2270

Happy Holidays xx

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