Getting the Ball Rolling

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Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.
Can a day move any faster?
Being stuck in the observation lab is not making my day any better.
At the verge of going crazy over boredom and hunger.

Guess this is the most hated part of being a psychology student,
finding participants for your experiment.

If only everyone would say yes.

We started our experiment at 10.30am and got 13 people already.

So if you are in Sunway University now and
you got nothing else to do.

Come and assist us in our experiment! :)

Pretty Pleaseeeee :D

Yes I know I am a vain-pot.

oh another note to that, its OCTOBER ALREADY!!!

Can't believe that I am at my 3rd year now. Gosh, getting into psychology wasn't hard, but rather surviving here is. Internship is in January 2014 and I finally got the confirmation of BFM! Honestly this process of finding a job made me realise that, (hey) I am not that special after all and well, showing that you got passion in something makes a lot of difference. Can't wait to start working. Can't wait to just start another new year ahead. Can't wait to be 22. Can't wait for my car to arrive. Gosh, I really thank god for the invention of transportation. It's true what they say that, "you will only realise how important something is until you lose them." Being stranded without a car thought me that hey, that's just life and you can't have everything now. Just gotta wait. Feels like I am back in high school because almost everyday, I gotta wait for someone to get me a lift home. 

It's October, wait, I said that already. Suddenly it feels like everyone is going somewhere. Not physically like a place but more like knowing where their calling are. Friends becoming a model, comedian, youtuber, actor. Seriously, what gives? Suddenly everyone is just blooming and well, I just wish I got half of their talent. Looking at how far everyone is going makes me feel like what have I done so far? Have I started my own company? Have I done something out of the ordinary? Have I made a difference?
There I go again. Rambling more than ever.
It's just so frustrating. I wish, I too can find my calling or whatever shiz and do it now.

Feels like the world and everyone else are evolving except....

Oh wells, at least I got to see The Wanted in person.
One thing of the wish bucket. 
Hopefully One Direction is next ;)

check out my youtube page.
it's just filled with the wanted now.

Here is a video that I flim when I saw them :D
*You might want to lower down your volume before you press play*

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