Giveaway: Rose Pendant Pendrive [CLOSED]

Hey Y'all! :D
There were so MANY good comments on the last giveaway

and there were a few of my favourites that just made me laughed like a hyena

Anyways I just wanna say thank you again to everyone who
takes the time to read my blog <3

It really means a lot to me.

To show you my appreciation, I am having another GIVEAWAY~!
This time its especially for the female readers
(Guys you can participate too. hehe)

It's a Rose Pendant Pendrive!
I got this from Zurich
Felt that this deserves a better owner than me :)
I got too many thumbdrive already.
AND this is brand new okay.

This is how the Pendant looks like
All you have to do is add a silver/plain necklace
and ta-dah you get a gorgeous necklace for a fancy event

This is how it looks like on a laptop

The total space of the pendrive is 1.86GB
weird number if you ask me.

SO what are you waiting for? 


All you have to do is just tell me why you want the pendrive/pendant
in 50 words or less.
I want to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because.......

Comment your answer below this post along with your email address
The one with the most creative line would win!
ONLY ONE POST per person okay? :)
ONLY OPEN to those staying in Malaysia

Contest would end at 27th October 2013, 11.59pm.

All the best xx
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  2. I want to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because I need a special place to store memories that I have accumulated of people that I love like photographs, letters, jokes etc so that I will have something to remember them by, something to hold on to when they are gone.


  3. I want to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because I love taking photographs whenever I go especially during my travel trips to other countries. I will always be needing a pendrive for extra space in case my camera's memory card runs out of space. Plus, it's so pretty! <3


    *Btw, can I ask how did you set the "cannot copy and paste" setting? I would like to apply that to my blog too. Thank you! (:

  4. I want to win the rose pendant pendrive because it is MY BIRTHDAY TODAY ;) and I am in terrible need of a pendrive (mine is just 128 MB -_-) to store all the beautiful pictures and the fond memories that comes with the it!

  5. Silver flowers caught my eye,
    Desire builds as time looking at this beautiful item fly's.
    And God Bless if my hands grasp the drive,
    The birthday girl will have yet another piece to enhance her memories after our final goodbyes,
    As an extension to her boundless mind,
    200 gigabytes will surly suffice.


    1. Hey there!
      Thanks for participating. I seriously LOVED your whole poem concept there but sadly it was more than 50 words.
      looking forward to the future poem comments? haha. thanks again for participating! :)

  6. I want to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because all my life I have been searching high and low for this unique device to store music, pictures and beautiful memories in a shape of a beautiful rose to proudly wear, keep close to my heart and pass it down to my future generations to be remembered FOREVER and EVER... xxxox

  7. I want to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because I am in need of a pendrive to store pictures and videos of my favourite kpop artist. I have other pendrive but most of them are gone because I lost it and the other one is just not suitable because my family always borrow it. If I put too much kpop videos and pictures they will think I'm crazy and no I am not obsess XD


    1. Hey amy! just want to say thanks for participating! :D
      However, I am sorry to say this but your submission is more than 50 words D:
      Do look out for more giveaways in the future?
      Hope to see your future comments :D

  8. I would like to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because besides can store many picture and documents while it also can be a beautiful accessory that can wear and even hang it on my bag, surely my bag will look gorgeous :)


  9. Hi Jessica I just followed your blog!!

    I want to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because I have never seen such a femine pendrive! Seriously I always see lots of cute and funny pendrives in the market but not an elegant and lady-like pendrive like this! (Okay maybe it's just that I'm katak di bawah tempurung LOL!)Some more got my favourite bling bling diamond!!

    By the way, very clear and descriptive photos! I love them!

  10. I want to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because it is gorgeous! Plus I would love to have something elegant, yet sophisticated that would make my so called spy girl dreams come true! I mean you only get such cool gadget like stuff in spy movies. Imagine me going to a gorgeous gala dinner and all of a sudden I turn around & secretly download some top secret info on my pendant! So please let me win this pendant to let my spy girl fantasy become a reality! XD

    Hi Jess! Sorry but I came across your post on facebook & I thought hey! I should give this a try! XD Sorry if I sounded stupid :P Love the pendant & don't worry I wont actually download anything top secret :P *Or will I?* Haha!

    Love the blog btw! <3


    1. awww. thank you so much for the support babe! <3

      I am sorry to say this but there is more than 50 words D:
      Maybe join the future contest? sorrrrryyyyy D:

  11. I want to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because... nah.. i dont want the pen drive.. =D

    1. hey there! thanks for making me laughed. seriously went LOL when I saw your comment.

  12. I want to win the Rose Pendant Pendrive because of its multi-purpose aspect. Besides storing stuff, it can act as body or hair accessory. However for me, I would like to make the rose as my emblem. Winning it will be nice.



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