Movie Review: Make Your Move

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Got to watch this movie just now thanks to Aforadio.
Won free tickets from an online contest.
Was really excited because I been dying to watch this since i saw the trailer at January.
To all KPOP fans out there, BoA is not name the Queen of POP for nothing.
Ohmygawd. She was so GOOD.
PLUS Derek Hough (Ex boyfriend of Nina Dobre and Dancing with the Stars) is in it!

It's a dance movie, so don't expect it to make sense.
Through every situation suddenly a dance would appear.
Even before the couple wants to have sex, they dance first -.-
Anyways here are some reasons why you should watch it :)
Especially for KPOP fans :D

Reasons why you should watch this movie

1. Romeo and Juliet inspired story line
It's a movie about a pair of star-crossed dancers in New York who found themselves in the middle of a bitter rivalry between their brother's dance clubs. 

2. It's not just a Hip Hop Dance Movie

The dances included Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop and some Asian drum dance. 

3. The Director is awesome!

The director, Duane Adler wrote the scripts for Save the Last Dance & Step Up. 

4. Another SM KPOP Idol made an appearance
Yunho from TVXQ made an appearance.

5. KPOP Music
Music played in the movie, included TVXQ, Girl's Generation & F(X) ! :D

6. BOA

She was seriously good. She should start considering acting in all the Korean drama. I love how in the movie she was always very sassy and witty. She had a charm that makes you want to see what would she do next. Seriously, I wanna see her act again. Though for this movie her english wasn't bad but with more practice it should sound better. She was cute la when she was flirting. Her accent. hehe.

Verdict: 6/10

Here is the Trailer :)

There is an awkward dance scene before the couple ahems... so yeah. 
Try not to watch it with your parents, can't imagine where you wanna hide your face with them around.

So yeah, teman of the night was Jared! :D

Our tickets. 
Threw them away in the end as one of them got dirty. 
That's another story to tell   D:

Top: Cotton On
Bottom: Forever 21
Shoes: Cotton On
Bag: Somewhere
Necklace: Diva
Watch: Esprit

Goodnight xx

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