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Hey guys! This is a very weird review because I have never seen any blogs that have actually done a review on desk lamps. haha. Guess I shall be the first. 

On the hunt for a perfect desk lamp for your study table or work table? Want it not to be bright at times and flexible in movement? Don't have much space for it on your table but want a good quality lamp to give you your needed light? Then this LED Desk Lamp is for you :)

Was so happy when I got this LED Lamp from my dad on Friday.  Thanks daddy :) Needed a desk lamp badly and the one I was currently having was just too bright for my eyes to handle. He got the lamp from BonusLink btw. So all you BonusLink users! Here is your opportunity to claim something cool and useful :D

The reason why I am going to review this is because it's different from the other lamps that I seen so far!

The original price is RM119, selling at Parkson

It's a touch LED Lamp! In order to turn this on, you gotta just touch it. It has 3 different levels of lighting. From brightest to dim. It's super sensitive, so it would change the light setting as soon as you touch it. 
The brand is InnoTech. Tried looking for their website or facebook page and couldn't find it.
Despite it is an unknown brand, so far using it is not bad.
Below are the details, for more info watch the video at the end :)

Yay for eye protecting!

Touch button

The size of the lamp


Top View

Full View

Why I love this lamp?

1. It's light and small
2. It's flexible in the height
3. It has 3 different light setting
4. It's a touch lamp! :)

Unfortunately, I can't find this lamp on bonuslink again. But here is the closes thing to this lamp.

I kinda did a video review for all of you to have a better understanding of how is the lamp like. Used Sony Xperia Z Ultra to film it. Wanted to test their indoor video-ing. It was kinda dark. So just listen to my awkward voice describing it ba :P If you got any suggestion for my future review do let me know. If the video is really weird, I shall not do anymore video reviews then. If there is no comment, so I shall just assume that it's alright. Haha

Anyways enjoy xx
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