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It's been a LONG time since I just dedicated a blog post to just an update. It was just yesterday that my blog views were 13k and today it's 14k? Am really really thankful to all those who ever share my blog to their friends and on their facebook wall :) <3 Thank you... you are awesomeeee :D

Btw this blog title is from one line from my favourite Malaysian band song. Click here to listen to the song :D
Haven't been going for any music festival lately, I miss music festivals. Missed out on Zedd and Urbanscapes. WAI JESS WAI?! D:

The 'band' and I @ G-Shock Anniversary

Just did my LAST presentation of the semester on Monday. Gosh, everything feels so fast forward now. 11 more days to finals, 27 more days to Christmas and 2 more months to internship. The next time I know it, I am working? Getting Married? Babies? UGH. Just wanna slow it down for a second.

Took this picture before the presentation

Didn't wear any make up for the presentation,
was too nervous to bother. haha

Yes, I get nervous for presentations too. Hehe. I know I may look calm and present myself confidently but before every presentation, I get as scare as a mouse. You should have seen what I did to Kishya while waiting my turn to present. I literally just grab her hand and just breathe as slowly as possible. Could only hear my heart beat as the other presenters were presenting. During the our group presentation practice, I messed up a lot! But somehow, when it was my turn, it felt like it was nothing and my mouth moved on auto pilot. haha. A few people came up to me and told me how natural I speak whenever I present (was so happy when I heard that, because I thought I blew it). 

I notice that whenever I present, the faces of the crowd is always the scariest. Everyone always give me the FACE when I present, but somehow, they would tell me I did well after the presentation. haha. So since that time I notice it, whenever my friends are presenting, I would try my best to just smile at them. It's scary enough that you gotta face a crowd, but what's worst than a crowd that shows you their confuse look? So no matter how confuse I get, I promised myself that I would put on a smile for those who are presenting :)

Oh my lecturer also commended me on my presentation. As she says, I gave out the calm feeling as I spoke and grew people's attention to my presentation. Aiyo Miss Woo, why you so sweet? :) Was just beaming the whole afternoon when I got that feedback :)

The entire group :)

That's the end of uni updates. Got another class tomorrow. ugh. 
Wish I could go back to sleep now.
Can't believe that it's already 3am!
Woke up because of the rain.
Thank goodness it rain la, today was just too hot D:

Got about 4 more events in November and December. It's been one awesome adventure being a blogger. Hopefully, 2014 would be as good as 2013 :) Seriously never knew how big of the blogger community is until I became one. Even calling myself as a blogger sounds so weird. haha. Well, gotta try to go back to sleep now.

Might go MIA at the first 2 weeks of December because of finals.
Hope you all have a good day ahead ^^
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