Different Choices.

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I notice that there has been a wide range of people reading this blog.
So for the following post, read it with an open mind.
It's not directed at anyone at all, it's just something that has been bugging me recently.
So yeah, skip it if you feel uncomfortable.
Have a good day :)

It's weird how sometimes in life when we thought we already figure out all of the hacks and understood how life is, people surprise us with change. It's weird how when we thought we know someone so well and suddenly they drop a bomb on their lap. It's really amazing how when we thought we can handle changes or surprises, we learn that there is just so much we can manage as humans.

It's funny how we all set of beliefs, values and boundaries for ourselves, but as time pass, everything seems to change. Thoughts of dating, sex, drinking, friends, soul mates, break ups, university, teachers, driving, work. I am not going through a mental breakdown or a pms stage, it's just so much has happened lately and no one seems to be talking about them openly or helping those who are struggling with situations that are influencing them to change themselves. 

Even I myself also surprise myself in the way that I think or do. After my first relationship, I understand now why people break up or divorce. I used to think that those who break up or divorce were not serious in their relationship and didn't bother trying to love or understand each other enough. I know it made seem childish in this sense, but I WAS a complete hopeless romantic that believed in love that would last forever. And well, I guess forever is just as much as a person wants it to be. Once everything change, so does the 'forever' promise. All the promises or plans that was made, in the end it just turned into meaningless dust. Somehow or another something will change, it's either you or the partner. And when they do change, I guess that's when we truly know what kind of person we truly are along with our hidden desires.

As a christian, it's been instill to me that it's wrong to date a non-christian, have pre-marital sex or god forbid get a baby before marriage. It's kinda scary seeing so many things happen among me. There are times that I do get tempted to go against them and just wanna live life as how I please. But I know why somethings are set for a reason. It's hard. It really is, and the media ain't making it easy. It's weird how everyone is suddenly changing, do they know something that I don't? Or is it just too hard for them to keep their beliefs?
It's unthinkable if suddenly I do the unthinkable. But how? 
How did the rest mange to suddenly change theirs?

Guess we often we compromise them to fit to what is there standing right in front of us.

Everyone is growing up. 
Everyone is changing 
And I guess everyone is just trying to find a place in life where they belong.

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Have no regrets to the choices you make.
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