Event: Smart Ecology by Ninetology & Malaysia Nature Society

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Need a new phone but don't have the money for one?
Check out this new program by Ninetology & Malaysia Nature Society

Did you know that in there is an average of 820 thousand unit of handphones sold per month? With new models of phones coming out every year/season, lots of people change their phones because of wanting to follow the latest phone trend. What happens then to all of the old phones after they change it? I got a friend who literally have 3 different phone brands with her all the time, Samsung, Iphone and Blackberry. Sometimes I wonder why do we need to have so many phones at a time? Or why do we have to keep changing our phones and leave the old ones in our drawers collecting dust?

Ninetology saw this problem in society. Together with Malaysia Nature Society (MNS), they launched the Smart Ecology 2 program.

What is Smart Ecology 2?
Smart Ecology 2 is a program to bring awareness to the public on urgency of protecting our nature and to provide an environement for Malaysians to recycle their old phones. RM200 is offered for those who trade in their old phones; while students age between 12-21 are entitled to a RM150 rebate without any trade-in.

I manage to go for the Ninetology Ecology Event Launch which was held at 
22nd of November 2013 at Empire Hotel

All of the phone models available in Ninetology

R1 Model

 Ninetology Z1+ & Insight Model

 Ninetology Stealth 4X and X1 Model

Ninetology Z1 Model

Their lucky draw station

They gave away Ninetolgy R1 Models at the lucky draw.
Was praying so much that they would call out my name
but I guess the phone just wasn't meant for me  D:

The entire hall

The Cheerful Emcee of the event

Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Leslie Loh
Providing a welcoming speech

Director of Malaysia Nature Society, Mr Shah Redza

Providing information of the Malaysia Nature Society and the
importance of taking care of our environment

CDO of Ninetology Introducing Smart Ecology 2

Officiating Smart Ecology 2

All of the invited celebrities with their R1

Besides this event being a launch for Smart Ecology 2,
it was also the official launch of their R1 Phone 

R1 details

Lucky Draw Session

Smart Ecology 2
Guide to Redeem for the General Public

Current Rebates for the General Public
Applicable models:
- U9R1
*Applies for Ninetology phone trade-in (selected models only)

Applicable models:
- U9R1 (for non Ninetology phone trade-in)
-Stealth II
*Applies to any phone trade-in

Guide to Redeem for the Students/Youth

Current Rebates for the Youth (18-30)
Applicable model:
*more package/models to be revealed
by 2nd December 2013
*No phones trade-in required

Current Rebates for the Students (12-21)
Applicable models:
Stealth II
*No phones trade-in required
For more info of the Smart Ecology2
Click the links below

Ninetology and MNS’s Smart Ecology 2 campaign is from 
November 2013 -31st January 2014

Go Green and get a new phone with your old phone trade in.
Don't miss out on this phone rebates
Oh, I forgotten to post this too but I joined a bloggers contest during the event
Thank you Dennis Yin & Joseph for your help :)

Support me and help me like kay? <3
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