Food: Antipodean Cafe (Bangsar)

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It was a public holiday @ the 5/11/2013 (Tuesday)
Decided to celebrate Joyce's birthday
And guess where she wanted to go?

Craving for breakfast but its after 12pm? Fred not.
At Antipodean its breakfast all day long!

We got there at 10ish am.
Can you see the waiting crowd?!
It was crazy wei.
There were about 9 groups of people before us that were already waiting in line )':

We parked at Bangsar Village because it's just impossible to find any parking.
Oh wells

It's our first time going there.
Wished that I had foursquare the restaurant before coming.
It was easy to find the restaurant
but gosh the crowd scared me!

We actually almost waited an hour to be seated.
Someone on foursquare wrote, people would
actually wait in line before their opening hour!

Like seriously? why so kiasu la? haha.

So we took a couple of pictures while waiting
It had an aussie feel around the restaurant :D
I feel like we weren't in Bangsar anymore but somewhere afar ;)

The interior (It's super packed and narrow btw) :/

Their only menu of the restaurant.

Notice a guy standing near the wall?
That because that is the only menu found in the entire restaurant.
It's a different unique concept.
But if you wanna do that, people would only focus on the top and
not notice what the bottom part of the menu gotta offer.

Didin't really like the concept of the menu on the wall
since the place was already so busy.
It's crazy to have a table to people just crowding the menu in the middle of
the restaurant if you ask me D:

They got their coffee bar (left picture) and a 
kids room (right picture) that is filled with tv and toys! 

Guess this place is a very family restaurant.
Children first! haha.

They had real flowers on the table for us.
Made the place feel even more foreign in a good way :)

We waited a sec and our food was all ready for us :D
Have to compliment on their fast service!

Fresh Fruit Salad (RM12)
It's yogurt and honey on the top
With watermelon and honeydew slices 

Kinda thought they would serve kiwi or grapes with this price.
felt a little over price for this D:

Mango Juice (RM9)

Big Breakfast (RM20)

Everyone on facebook, blogs and foursquare been raving about this dish
but it was ordinary for me.
but besides that, for RM20 I kinda expected more.

Maybe the price is due to the rental of the shop
Since it's found in Bangsar and all.

Croissant, eggs and bacon (RM19)

The bacon in their shop was really GOOD! 

Us enjoying our food to the max despite everything
For the girls the portion was too big for them to finish
So we all shared.
On another hand, for a normal eater like me, I felt the portion was just right.
So erm, you be the judge of their portion ;)

Seriously everything is always better with ketchup.
My weird obsession with sauces ;)

Lemon Meringue (RM8)

Can you believe that this is cheaper than the drink? Haha.
I love this cake/pie lo. It wasn't too sweet but just perfect :)

Would say that we enjoyed ourselves in Bangsar 
Holiday morning well spent! :D

Check out their 
for performances at their other KL Branch

Taste: 3/5
Loved: their mushrooms, bacon and lemon meringue
But the rest was kinda ordinary and for the price, I guess I expected more variety?

Service: 3/5
Was happy of their fast food services.
But I wish I can say the same for the seating period.
It kinda took forever D:

Environment: 4/5
Loved the whole aussie aura
Felt like Alice in a Wonderland :3
FYI Antipodean cafe is also found in Indonesia and Australia ;)

Price: 3/5
My heart sank when I got the bill.
The food pricing is above average and to top that,
they got 10% Service charge and Gov Tax.
For a student, it was a sad day for my purse.

Antipodean Cafe
No.20, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282 0411

But I love their whole eat breakfast all day long concept.
This is a store you have to at least go once in your life.

Anyways hope that your Monday has been treating you well

I would love to hear your experiences and comments
So leave one at the bottom :)
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