Food: The Grind Burger (Section 17)

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So recently I was around Section 17, PJ and thought of trying out The Grind Burger
since a few other bloggers been raving about it too :)

Looking for a burger joint in pj besides burgerlab?

Their store really stand out among the empty row of shop lots

It was the most decent looking restaurant at that area.
Such a welcoming sight ain't it?
I think I might have a thing for restaurants with brick wall designs :)

The restaurant had a simple design with it.
The walls plastered with beautiful girls of different culture.
The one that I took was a geisha 

Their Menu

They serve free drinks during lunch time! 
Yay for free drinks! :D
The choices of the drinks were Ice Peach Tea/Ice Lemon Tea :)

We sat at their LONG table.
Kinda reminded me of burgerlab.
Seriously I am loving the feel to the restaurant because of their brick walls.
It just made it feel so homey and western feel to it :)

Waited a little while for our burgers to come.

Wild Mushroom (Beef) RM16

Cheese Burger (Beef) RM16

Grind House (Pork) RM19

Big Black Dog RM16

Closer look :D
It's a hot dog btw.
Just check out the amount of cheese they gave.
Oh my calories :/

It was amazing btw :3
Reminded me of A&W hot dog with extra cheese

Oh the sauce they serve with their fries were REALLY GOOD.
It's like a mixture of cheese and mayo?
Way better than the other sauces I tried so far.
Even better than Big Hug Burger's actually :O

Happy customers.
Somehow it reminds me of a family picture. haha.

Their Operation Hours

Taste: 3/5
Loved: Their Sauce and HOT DOG
About time someone did something other than burgers plus they had their own signature sauce :D

Service: 3/5
I just found out through their facebook page that they had 10% off for students. When we were there they didn't tell us about this promo D: They were really fast to take our orders but it took me a while to get their attention when I wanted the bill. Somehow they just didnt look at us after our meal when we were the only customers there.

Environment: 4/5
Like I said I love brick wall designs. So yeah. Biasness already ;)

Price: 3/5
It was kinda pricey. They had different pricing for chicken/beef patty. They charged more for beef patty D:
Why lahhhh? Anyways, They also got service charge and it's 10%! For the service I received, I really felt like I just got rob. Haihs. They should give better service if they wanna charge so much. Smiling to the customers should be the first step. But honestly, their fries were amazing. Better than Wendy's and same level as Carl's Junior :)

The Grind Burger
No.7, Jalan 17/45,
Sek 17, Petaling Jaya
46400 Selangor

Tel: 03-7932 3883

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