Food: Xiao Bar Wang (1 Utama)

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So Jared and I was at 1 Utama a few days ago and guess what?\ We only had RM15 with us.I totally forgotten to grab more cash out. If you remember the last post about the free movie screening, we were in 1 Utama for that. So instantly, we thought of MCD la since we needed cheap food. But of course, it ain't good for the tummy. So we decided to go food hunting in 1 Utama and Xiao Bar Wang restaurant caught our attention. It was AFFORTABLE and it serves Crispy CHICKEN! :D

Always not sure what to eat in 1 Utama?
Your food budget always giving you a problem?
Sick of MCD and want some healthy food that is along the same price?

 This restaurant reminds me of the Crispy XXL Taiwan Chicken
But it's better because they serve it in a bento like packaging.
Good for those who wants a proper meal.

Plus they got 3 range of how spicy your meal can be.

This shop was opened by Ong Ai Leng, an actress

Their counter

Their food selection

Teman for the night

While waiting for our food to arrive, there was a tv drama shoot going on beside us.Apparently it's for some ntv7 drama show, both Josheen and Lawrence are the main characters in the show. Quite interesting to see how many takes they gotta shot just for a 1 minute scene of them walking by the shops. Plus their fashion coordinator kept pushing a trolley full of outfit just for the actor/actress. It was my first time seeing how a drama was being shot lo. Didn't know that just for 1 minute of view time they would actually use 1 hour to film.

Our food finally arrived!
We both ordered SET C (RM 9.90)

Totally forgotten to take a picture of the food alone, but you can see from our picture that in our set we had egg, vege, potato, chicken and rice! A complete meal for dinner lo. Plus it's affordable too :D I actually prefer this chicken over the XXL Taiwan chicken because this wasn't too salty and when I told them no chili, they actually listened to me unlike the XXL Taiwan Chicken store. So more brownie points to them!
The store had a very taiwanese/homey feel to it.
Love how they had decorated their store with brick walls and a mirror at the end of the store.

Inside of the store

Verdict: 7/10

I would definitely drop by here again if I am ever at 1 Utama. Miss their chicken already!

Xiao Bar Wang
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lot LG118,
Lebuh Bandar Utama 47800
Tel: 03- 7722 2950


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