Giveaway: Britney Spears' Cosmic Radiance Perfume (Worth RM200) [CLOSED]

Hi all! It's FRIDAY! You know what that means :) Another giveaway! Just wanna say thank you again to all of my faithful readers. I really do appreciate everyone of you. So this time I am giving away something luxurious. hehe. Well I think it is luxurious la :P

It's the Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance Perfume (100ml) :D



Now all you gotta do to win this perfume is to:

1. Tell me why you want the perfume. (In 50 words or less - I will CHECK. hehe )
Eg: I want the perfume because...........

2. Leave your answer in the comment section below. Remember to include your EMAIL :)

3. The most creative answer will win Britney Spears Perfume (worth RM200)

4. The deadline to submit your comments is at 7.00pm on the 1st December 2013 (Sunday).

*One submission per person :)*

Don't miss out on this this fruity, floral fragrance inspired by a distant, bright star .

Check out the promo video for this perfume!

All the best!

Winner would be notify by Email on Tuesday (3rd Dec 2013) & 
the winner must collect the prize from Sunway/Subang 
before December 20th 2013

Have a good weekend ahead

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  1. i want the perfume because ive never had a britney spears perfume before and this wld be my first time if i won :p


  2. i want it so badly because i am Brotney biggest fan! I love all her perfume and being pick by you means its another awesome perfume! thanks jess for doing this giveaway! pls let me win this! cindytong86@gmail.com

  3. I want the perfume because I have never had her perfume or any perfume for that matters & I would be ecstatic to win hers' as it feels so at home growing up to her songs! Thanks Jess for the giveaway btw!

  4. I want the perfume because I want to choose my own destiny, like Britney Spears! Let's go to Christmas party or my interview with it, and make my own DESTINY! XD And I don't have any perfume before. =( Thanks for doing this giveaway. :*


  5. I want the perfume because Britney Spears is my childhood hero. Her old songs such as Lucky, Dear Diary accompanied me as my most trustworthy girlfriend when I grew up amongst 4 brothers. Despite her downfall at the end, I have always and will always love her.


    PS: Hi, Jess.

  6. I want the perfume simply because i wanna be as sexy as her! She is my idol since young!

  7. I want the perfume because I'm turning 20 next year, and I need a perfume as an ingredient to transform me from a little girl into a woman! Besides, I like free stuffs too, you know how that feels like eh? ;)


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  9. I want the perfume because of Britney Spears is one of my favorite pop singer. Best of all is the perfume is Cosmic Radiance which has a very nice fruity smell and the bottle is so fabulous bling bling, really suites my personality and liking. Thanks Jess for the giveaway!


  10. Thank you for another amazing giveaway! You have a very beautiful blog♥ I saw the word Britney Spears perfume and immediately clicked on your blog post. She's been my idol, a strong , passionate and fierce woman. Beautiful yet so talented.Coincidently, I was at a mall last Wednesday and was given an opportunity to sample this fragrance! It felt like I was under a spell!! I really love this perfume because it is so feminine and really reflects my personality. You could probably say that this perfume was my love at first scent! The floral scent was so strong yet it made me feel so calm and sexy! I just felt like jumping up and dancing all the stress away! Then the beautiful bottle *wickedly grins* ive always had an eye for sparkly stuff, and the studded bottle came as a bonus! Hope your giveaway is a success! *hugs and kisses* Merry Christmas!


  11. I want the perfume because I did not meet Britney Spears before so I want to have same smell with she.



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