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Photo Credits: HairGroom FB Page

Any of you DYING to get your hair cut 
but scare to leave your hair to random strangers to cut?
Wanna cut your hair but just don't have the cash for it?
Don't know which saloon to trust?

Photo Credits: HairGroom FB Page

Well guys everything would be answer here!
HairGroom is currently having their RM10 haircut promotion!
Yes that's right RM10!
So I just checked out this place recently and it's actually not bad.
Found that it is a little weird for the store to be located at USJ Giant but
the hairstylist know what they are doing.

Let me just show you guys how the store is like.

Photo Credits: HairGroom FB Page

Not sure if you can see it from here but each of their tables
have a drawer where you can place your belonging there :)

Photo Credits: HairGroom FB Page

Photo Credits: HairGroom FB Page

So below are some of the hair makeovers that they did for their clients.
From Curls to dyes and dip dye.

Photo Credits: HairGroom FB Page

Don't miss out on your opportunity to get professional HAIR CUT 

They also have other outlets besides USJ.
So find the one that is the closes to you :D

Here are their other promotions in selected stores.

Do check out their FB Page for more info :)

They usually open daily from 10am-10pm.

Got my hair fix two days ago and gosh, I feel like a whole different person now. I missed my bangs so badly that I cut it again. Now I am regretting the bangs, guess I should have listened to my hairstylist when he said no. Haha. Oh wells! Something good about my new hair now is it, you will never loose me in the room. After 2 days, my hair colour got brighter and as what Rhys said, this ought to be my best hair colour I ever gotten. FYI I think I dyed my hair 20 times already. So yeah, finally getting the RIGHT SHADE OF RED NOW <3

Was choosing my colour among this section

Wanted to go with 7-77, it's darkish red brown
However my hairstylist was like NO.
Your hair is so damage already and the colour is so MESSED UP.
If you do that colour it can still see your mixed hair tone.

I did a home hair dye 2-3 months ago and well, 
it turned out badly, there were parts of my hair that was black and coloured.
So yeah, ended up getting a lectured from my hairstylist.
hehe. So I thought, why not lah? Listen to him ba.

He suggested 9-888. It's the top middle.
So onz with the hair transformation.
In total it took 2 hours to complete it. 
To kill time, I actually brought my laptop to do my assignment.
Couldn't believe that I actually did that. haha.

Saying my last goodbye to my weird toned hair.

Took a few pictures of the inside of the store while waiting for my hair

Seriously, it's just so boring waiting for the dye to do it's magic

This machine was seriously hot! Thought that my hair was about to fry out.
Anyways they finish my hair at 10.30pm, it was after their work hour.
So I didn't want to make them wait, just thank them and left.

The colour CAME OUT FANTASTIC lo. It was like whoa!
The girl on fire wei :P
Hehe. Too bad the bangs ruin it.
Should have listened to the hairstylist when they say no.
Oh wells.

So yeah. Hope this experience help for those who
are looking for a place to do their makeover.

Really love how they handle my hair there.
Feel so smooth now with the treatment. 
Just need my bangs to grow faster now. hehe.

Anyways have a good night y'all!
It's the last day of October wei!

Updated (27/12/2013)
After 2 months, my colour is still as bright  :D

Here is some recent pictures :)


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