Sale: Diva & Chic Chic (Paradigm)

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Was out with friends today to celebrate Kishya's 21st and gosh, WHEN did all of the sales began?! Haha. Should be studying now instead of posting this but what the heck la. Just wanted to show my accessories haul of the day/week/month. It's been 2-3months since I actually bought some accessories that weren't for my store. Yes I got a jewelry store (It's call Charming Sanguine). It's a little dead now, would revive it after exams la. Hehe.

So back with the sales! :D

Picture Credits: Google

A bunch of us enter into DIVA and what attacted us was the SALE sign!
They also had RM9 poster everywhere in their store la.
Basically the RM9 is only found for their earrings and rings too.

The cheapest necklace I saw there was a 
simple gold heart necklace (Super Sweet) for RM13.

I thought that the stores I went to today got a Facebook Page,
so that I can show you all how does the store look like now with all of their SALE posters up
Anyways, next time I shall take pictures kay?

Picture Credits: Fashion Fast Forward Facebook Page

They got lots of floral designs in the store and lots of them that were priced RM70+
went down to RM21 ONLY!

Cheap right?!

Plus those who are Fashion Fast Forward members get to collect points when purchasing ^^

Gold Chain Necklace (RM21)
Original price: RM43

Am seriously into these styles now. 
Can't wait to wear this for one of my future events.
Talk about chic/luxe :D
Definitely a must add on to any outfit <3

Picture credits: Google

The next store we went to was Chic Chic. Tried finding their Facebook Page but couldn't find anything. The same goes for the internet. They are something like DIVA but cheaper and more street fashion. I would say Chic Chic is more for teens la. 

They are located OPPOSITE of DIVA at Paradigm Mall. They got 20% Discount Store Wide. Was so HAPPY when I heard that because as the sales girl told me that, I found MY LONG DESIRED PEARL NECKLACE <3 Been waiting to get one of these necklaces since I first saw them on the runway and korean drama shows. Finally I OWN ONE. FYI, this is one of the few designs that looked super luxe and elegant in the store. The rest were very street fashion kind :)

Pearl Necklace (RM21.50)
Original RM26.90

So that is the end of my haul, a few more weeks to Christmas! 
Have you got your Christmas outfit yet?

For more info of DIVA, see Fashion Fast Forward Facebook Page

Lot GF11, Level G
Tel: 03-7887 5516
Also found at 1 Utama, Pyramid, Midvalley, etc

Lot GF28, Level G
Tel: 03-7886 7225
Also found at 1 Utama & BB Plaza

Hope this post helped you!
If you know of other sales ongoing, do share or comment below!

Happy shopping!
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