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Not sure if you all do online shopping, but here is an online shopping portal that I found out not to long ago. It is something like ZALORA shopping website, BUT the one thing different that sets NILE.com.my apart from the rest is that, THEY do COD (Cash On Delivery) and it's FREE POSTAGE <3

They ALSO have a COD motto. 
They promise to delivery all of your orders in 24 hours time. 
I receive mine in less than 24 hours. haha. 
They kinda sound like domino right? 15 Minutes or free. hehe

What is COD?
Cash On Delivery is a system where you would only PAY for your Products when it ARRIVED to you.

Nile.com.my got stuff as low as RM5 with a wide variety of products like fashion, baby items, sports equipment, beauty/facial care, books, electronics, phone accesorries and etc. 

Want to go shopping but don't have the time to go out and shop?
With the help of NILE.com.my, you can now shop and get your items
directly AT YOUR PLACE :)

Hey I was quite a slow learner when it came to online shopping. I wished last time someone actually told me how to shop online. In the end I learned everything on my own. But fret not everyone, I did a jessy's tutorial to shopping on Nile.com.my :) Hope this helps y'all. haha

There is a LOT of stuff there, so take your time :)

Once you like what you see, click the colour option first.

Usually for clothes/shoes, after you click the colour option, 
you have to click the size you want too.

If you can't click on the colour, it would mean that the colour of that product is sold out D:

Once you are done, click add to cart :)

Press your Cart on the top right to see all of the stuff you have added in your cart

Once you are done and satisfy, click check out

Fill in all of the blanks lo.

At the very last part, they ask if you got any extra comments for them to note for your order

An example of what I wrote to them was, Give me a call before you arrive.


Eg: Please come before 2pm

Remember your order number 
(An email of the order number would be sent to you la)

Why is the order number important?
If there is something wrong with your order or the delivery of your order is not there yet, NILE need you to provide them your order number for them to check in their system :)

But I didn't have any problem with my stuff or my delivery process ^^

I ordered my stuff at the 12th of November 4pm and got them at 13th of November 11.30am
They literally came in LESS THAN 24 HOURS!
Am really really HAPPY with the product and their customer service!

I even told my entire class about how good they are. haha.

I bought two bags from them

Bag 1 : Brown

Bag 2: Black
( the link for this bag is gone D: )

The stuff arrive in a plastic bag from the delivery guy.
His motor is like the domino pizza kind la. 
All of the product were place in the back motor compartment.

With the plastic bag, I really felt like I went shopping for real

All of the stuff protected and secure :)

So here was my new two bags!
For the affordable price I paid, the quality of it is what I expected :)
Come on la, RM70 for 2 bags! :D

My OOTD with the second bag :)
Wore that outfit for DNP Fashion Show

For more info of them,
click the links below.

Happy Shopping y'all <3
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