Tech: Sony Xperia Z-Ultra & Ninetology Z1 Review

So two weeks ago I received two phones to review and they are all thanks to Ninetology.
Ninetology is the new mobile Malaysian brand
They been around for a year now
and have been hosting a lot of entertainment events lately :)

So anyways, I got the Ninetology Z1 and SONY Xperia Z-Ultra

I had the phones for a week only,
so if this review is incomplete, I AM SORRY :3

I did review videos for this post,
so please watch it and tell me what you think about it! :D

Need a new phone?
Not sure which to get?
Heard of Ninetology phones but no idea how are their phones like?

Check out my new LINE bear :D
Got it at one of the events I attended last month :)

Its pretty obvious that the Z-Ultra is longer 
and has a bigger display as compare to the Z1

Z-Ultra is apparently the slimmest biggest phone in the world
So in terms of depth, Z1 loses to Z-Ultra


SONY Xperia was actually the first phone I used
because I heard a lot of good review of it online and from my friends.
When I got the Z-Ultra, my friends were amazed to how huge the phone was!!!
Many actually thought that it was a tablet instead of a phone
AND a lot of people I met at my events were shock when they saw the phone
Especially Linora and Audrey at Churp Out 2013 :)

Just check out the size of the Z-Ultra compare to my S3!


The typical stuff were found in the packaging of the Z-Ultra

One thing I didn't like about the stuff in the packaging was the charger head of the phone
Seriously which Malaysian power port actually supports 2 point plug?!

The thing that I did like was the multiple ear plug covers.
It's important to change them for hygiene sake or good if you lost the covers ;) 

SIDE inspection! :D

There were no functions at the top

I didn't like the fact that I had to open the docking port.
It was so mafan and fragile.
Half the time I was worry that I would break the cover whenever I charge it D:

 The left side was cluster with so many functions
They could have even it out both sides

To be honest, the Z-Ultra was confusing in their side functions
I had to look at their manual to understand the phone
So it was kinda hard for me to get use to it.
There were some button design that had no use of them
Or maybe there is a function for it.
But I felt that it was totally unnecessary for them la.
WAI you wanna confuse your poor user? D:

Front Cam (2MP)
LOVE their effects, JUST check out my cleared skin! ;)

Back Cam (8MP)
It super sharp and well i prefer the front cam more for selcas ;)

Recorded this with the Sony Xperia Z-Ultra



Photo Credits: Pocketlint
You can use a PEN or Pencil as a stylus!

Photo Credits: Pocketlint



Seriously, the packaging for Ninetology Z1 was so HUGE.
I honestly don't understand why did that made it so BIG.
It's like they wanna cut an entire tree just for their packaging. haha.

LOVED the fact that they provided phone covers for the Z1
Guess it's hard to find other covers of it since it's still new.
The fact that the company actually knew about it
and gave out covers is sweet la.
Guess they do care about their customers :)

Their phone functions were super easy to use and understand
I didn't have to read the manual for the Z1 at all.
Everything of it was idiot proof :D

Photo Credits: Maha Mahu

Price: RM1,119

Photo Credits: Ninetology
Didn't had a chance to take a video or picture with the phone.
1 week is not enough to review both phones~! D:
Anyways, from the specs, the camera is actually favoured 
by all the bloggers and users of it!
Apparently the camera comes with a beauty mode where they would instant
bloom your image and make you look
like you got Make Up on :D


Hope these two review was good for y'all.
It was a sad day when I had to part with the phones  D:
Honestly, they are both good phones with their set of pros and cons.

Outta the review, which did you like best?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have the Z1+. Looks and acts just like a Samsung. Many people mistaken it for a Samsung and like you said, ease of use that you don't even need to refer to the manual.

    1. interesting.. I heard the Z1+ had a free powerbank and some extra accessories in the package right? :D

  2. wow very thorough review..good job!!! would love to read more gadget review from you!

    1. Thanks! I hope ninetology would give me more gadgets to review :P

  3. Great review! I really liked the smartphone! There has met steep functions: http://www.raqwe.com/sony-xperia-z1/

  4. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)


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