Event: Skull & Haha Meet and Greet in Malaysia (Paradigm Mall)

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Today Skull & Haha had their Meet and Greet at Paradigm Mall with their fans. They are currently in Malaysia for their first ever showcase (mini concert) here :) I was lucky enough to score media passes for the event and manage to take a lot of pictures. Both Skull & Haha smiled a lot for my pictures, maybe its because I am like the very first person they saw. Anyways check out the pictures below :)

Shall be going for tonight's concert too <3

Here is one of their famous song

Their greetings to Malaysia fans
Got up a little late. The meet and greet was at 11am.
Left my house at 10.30am >.<
As I was leaving, a truck decided to park right in front of my house
leaving me without a choice but wait for them to move

So while waiting, took a selfie.
hehe. it's been too long
Yes I know, vanity took a hold of me :P

After what seemed forever, we reached.
And guess what? I got front row seats! <3

Check out the turn out!
Lots of fans gather all around from ground floor to 2nd floor
to stand a chance to see the KPOP Idols :)

It was such a coincidence bumping into them
Joanna, Sandra and I

The EMCEE of the event, Jeremy from Red FM.
He really looks like HAHA.
And guess what? Even HAHA called him the Malaysian Version of him.

The crowd going crazy when they saw Skull&Haha arrive

They gave their greeting to the Malaysian fans. They said, 'Saya Sayang Kamu ' :P Talked about our amazing Satay and they also said how all of us Malalysian Girls are so pretty. hehe. Bet they say that to every country but it was nice hearing them said that ;)

They interacted with the crowd.
Made all of the girls screamed their lungs off.

And then something happened!

Aiyo so sweet la HAHA Oppa <3

He then made a remark that Jeremy and him look alike. haha.
Even Haha notice that too :P

Haha started to dance by himself

Suddenly they started to dance together to their music

Some one then screamed HAHA's wife name out loud.
HAHA looked at the dude and held up his fist playfully.
Eveyone just laughed. It's haha for goodness sake! :D

They then started the meet and greet.
Those who bought the CAT 1 tickets (RM500++) got to take a picture with both of them

Lots of them got hugs from the singers
and free merchandise from them :O

Haha noticed that they placed it upside down. 

Lots of fans gave them gifts, toys and even cupcakes! :D
Such dedicated fans.
I can't wait to see them tonight!

Here is a last picture of Jeremy.
Doesn't Jeremy and HAHA look a LIKE?!

Here is a video I took during the meet and greet :)

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