Food: Grella's (SS19)

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It's been raining for the entire day now. I don't know about you but I hate the rain. Moments like this makes me so lazy to do anything productive. Even thinking about where to eat next is too difficult for me at times when the wind and rain is calling me to sleep instead. haha. So instead of you guys thinking what to eat tonight, let me help you.

There is a new Burger/Western joint @ SS19

Picture Credits: Grella's Facebook Page

Thinking of trying out a new western / BBQ /burger joint?

They have a very cosy/diner feel to the restaurant

Somehow, the setting is very IKEA to me 
oh IKEA <3

They got their counter of juices

This restaurant is NOT a self service restaurant.
The waiters would come to you to take your orders.

I was so accustomed to all of the SELF SERVICE burger joints out there
that i actually went up to the counter to order my food.
haha.. so noob la i.

In the end, i notice their weird gaze and went back to my seat with my menu. haha.

Went with Jacq to this restaurant. We both weren't that hungry, so we share our meals together.
Oh sisterly love ;)

Pumpkin Soup RM 6.90

I am a huge fan of pumpkin soup
I love that their soup is not too thick and not watery.
It was just perfect for me :)

Jacq took this picture

Grilled Chicken RM 12.90
Their meet is really juicy and tender. Love their sauce especially :D

They might want to change their plates. Their plates are actually huge and if not careful it would look their food portion look smaller than it is. As what I learn from one of my psychology classes, visuals can affect one's perception :D


We were still hungry, so we ordered some fries! :D

Crinkle Cut Fries RM 3.90

Check out the portion of the fries they gave us!
It was too much for us to actually finish them. haha.
Love the way they serve us the fries,
it was different.
Very BBQ like.

Shy Jacq. The fries just look humongous!

Sleepy me.

They got FREE wifi there too. It's quite fast if you ask me.
We went there around 6pm ish and when our food arrive there were about
4 other families that came and had their dinner there too.

Picture Credits: Grella's Facebook Page
Their promos

Picture Credits: Grella's Facebook Page
Here is a menu & map for you all :)

Picture Credits: Grella's Facebook Page

The place has been reviewed by TV3.
Do try out their Lamb Dishes/ Burgers. That is their specialty.
I might just return again when I got a big appetite :)

Picture Credits: Grella's Facebook Page

Do check out more of their promos and menu
on their Facebook Page

FYI they got 10% OFF for students and senior citizens! :D

  • No. 14 Jalan SS19/6, Subang Jaya
  • 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Monday- Saturdays

Tel: 03-56137999

Happy food hunting everyone

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