Food: Journal by Plan B (Publika)

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Went to Publika yesterday, can you believe that it was my first time going there? I shall leave my trip to Publika as a separate blog post because there is just too much stuff to write about. Anyways back to the main post which is Journal by Plan B :D

Main Entrance

This is my second time to Plan B. The first time was at Paradigm with Amelia during my 21st birthday :) Was so blessed when she brought me there :) Anyways this outlet at Publika is Journal by Plan B is exactly like Plan B restaurant. Their menu is the same, maybe the deco of the restaurant was a little different. It was a little more artsy and hipster like.

They are located next to Page 2 
(Must visit that place soon. hehe)

The interior of the place.

Went there for lunch with Khai Ling, Nuraini and Amelia. The place reminded me of Garage 51. They got the entire USA Downtown atmosphere in the restaurant. They pasted plasma TV on the wall with snippets of old Malay drama shows. It looked super retro yet fused with modern decos at the side. It was nice la beginning reminded that our country's entertainment industry started out that way. Even though it was rush hour, we got our food quite fast. The fastest dish that came out was the carbonara pasta!

With Nuraini

I love how their logo is so innovation
Light Bulb = Plan
Thus Plan B! *Ting*
Get it? hehe.

Their menu
Free water
Pasta Carbonara || RM26
This dish can actually feed 2 people. 
My friend got gelak half way eating it on her own and forced herself to finish it all. 
So, I think in order to not overeat or torture your way through it, 
this dish can be for two and that would leave you room for desserts!

FYI, after Journal we went to Mad About Coco for desserts. 
Would blog about that tomorrow after church :D So stay tune! :D

Ice Peace Tea || RM9
They provide sugar water with too to help suit how much sugar you want your drink to have.
It wasn't like the 3 in 1 Ice Peace Tea.
It was the freshly made ones, thus the sugar water there for you.

Asians at work :P

Pasta Beef Bolognese || RM22
This is the first time I have so much meet for my pasta! 
After I finished my pasta, I noticed that I still had left over meat and 
gosh it was so good and satisfying but like the Cabonara, this dish can be share by two people. 
Felt like I forced my way to finish this dish also.

Buttermilk Fry Chicken || RM25
Felt like this dish was just meh for the price.
My friend said that this was better than KFC but Texas Chicken was still better.
I guess the main rave of this dish ought to be the sauce provided.

The artsy fartsy hipster deco for the outdoor area of the restaurant

Journal by Plan B
G2-65, Block C5, Solaris Dutamas, 
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-6205 5318

Verdict: 3/5

Would return to this place for special events only, like birthdays or a special date ;)
It was a little pricey for my budget.
I guess this place is awesome for the unique atmosphere and deco.
If only this place got set menu for lunches then it would have been better!

Anyways hope this helps.

Happy food hunting you all!
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