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So it was last Friday that a bunch of us went to Mad About Coco. We went right after our lunch at Journal by Plan B. It was right behind of Journal by Plan B which made it easy to locate. 

It's right above Mee Jawa.
So if you really can't find Journal by Plan B, ask around where Mee Jawa is at :D

First thing that caught my attention
Read the disclaimer. haha!

Some of their specialties
They had a wide variety of choices on their menu
Like seriously, I was so confuse which to order that I let my friends order instead!

Their Menu

Do note that you gotta order at the COUNTER :)

Instantly fell in love with their Sweet Vintage Deco
Everything about their store is so pastel and dreamy.

Perfect place for BFF hang out sessions or a sweet dessert date :3
Our order numbers were handed to us &
we waited for our dessert to be serve :)

While waiting, they got props for you to take selfies/cam whore.
I love the first shot of my hair.
What cha think? Should i get a perm? ;) hehe.

It took a while for the food to come.
About 15-20minutes?
I guess they needed time to perfectly melt the chocolate! :D
The wait was worth it <3

Pancakes Stack || RM15.50
'Served with strawberries or bananas and pure melted chocolate'

The chocolate served with the pancakes was AMAZING.
Thinking back about it makes me drool now. Gosh!

The pancakes were a little too soft than I hope it to be.
It's chocolate pancakes btw.
Felt like normal pancakes would have been just perfect <3

Amelia and I contemplating which side to start digging in :P

Belgium Waffle || RM9.90
'Warm Belgian waffle served with pure melted chocolate'

The chocolate was the same as the pancake, milky perfection.
The waffle was cooked without any flaw, for me la :D
I would definitely return to the store for this again  <3

The Awesome Possum Chocolate Crepe || RM18
'Chocolate-filled French crepe topped with more chocolate'

I didn't really like this dish. Do know that they filled the crepe with chocolate. Felt like it was dark chocolate and with the overflowing of milky chocolate on the outside made it too gelak for me to enjoy. After a few bites, I couldn't take it anymore and asked my friends to finish it off. Do know that I ain't a fan of dark chocolate, so maybe the bitter taste might have just turned me off.

This came out the last and the longest.
FYI, this would take time to make. 
So if you are ordering this, make sure you aint starving. 
Because it would take awhile for perfection to be served. heh.

A bunch of happy satisfied customers after cleaning the chocolate off the plates ;)

Us after the meal :)

Asians at work.
It was so funny going out with them because usually I am the only one taking the picture but on that outing everyone was a paparazzi :P hehe. And guess what? We had 3 generations of Samsung S in our group! S2, S3 and S4. haha.
Them Chubby Cheeks showing happiness after a good dessert time :D

So after reading everything are you Mad About Coco? :P
I know I am *flies happily*

Mad About Coco
A1-1-9, Solaris Dutamas 1,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 
50480 K.L.

Tel: 03-6211 9998
Email: madaboutcocomy@gmail.com
Check out their Facebook Page

Picture Credits: Mad About Coco Facebook Page

They got Iced Coffee there too!
Totally missed out on this! 
Would return there for this again since I love Coffee <3

Note: Their working hours!
Closed on Mondays!
Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday: 11am-10pm
Friday, Saturday, Eves & Public Holiday: 11am-12am

Happy Food Hunting Everyone! :D
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