Shopping/Sales: Boxing Day Haul

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So Christmas just passed and you know what day it is?! It's BOXING DAY! Honestly, I have never celebrated boxing day before and overseas people literally get in a line to wait for shops to open at 7am!!! How crazy is that?! Anyways this post is just gonna be a Haul post of my shopping trip today :D 

Went out with Carmen today because I just wanna prep my wardrobe for 2014 and internship. We left around 4pm and got back around 10pm! Can't believe that we actually spent 6 hours SHOPPING! How crazy is that? Gosh, life as a girl. 

So anyways we went to GM (Wholesale Mall) @ Klang and spent about an hour there? It was sad to say that I left the place without purchasing anything! Even the parking was free so I didn't had to pay a single cent! HAHA. They had lots of pretty bags there but what I really needed was a dress and flats! Carmen got a belt for RM5! Lucky her! :P

So we headed next to Bukit Tinggi AEON <3 Christmas decos was still up and gosh! They had a 3 store HIGH CHRISTMAS TREE in the MALL! How did they manage to bring such a hug tree and decorated it? Even with the small Christmas tree is tiring enough to decorate it XD haha.

We took a few pictures with the Christmas deco :D 
Check out the TREE!

Deco shot

Was really proud of my selfie skills it ain't easy taking a shot like this ;)

It's just too pretty not to get a picture with them :D

We head to COTTON ON first because it's Cotton On lah! :D FYI Bukit Tinggi's Cotton On is the largest in Malaysia. I always get to find treasures in the store. Like seriously. Bought lots of my tops and my flats for only RM15! I didn't spend anything above RM30 for an item. It was seriously what I needed. Been busy shopping for others during Christmas and now it's finally me time <3

Guy's Boxers (RM15) & Backpacks (RM30)
Shoes starting from RM15!
Skirts and shorts as low as RM15!

I literally went crazy when I saw these racks
Dresses started from RM30 and Tops at RM15! 
Oh heaven! <3
They got Sleeveless Crop Top too for RM15!
I saw some blogshops selling them for RM45! 
Wanted to get that skirt (RM30) but they only had S ):
Our damage in Cotton On

Next up was Brands Outlet! :D

Saw lots of pretty dresses.
Lots of them were priced at a reasonable prices from RM39.90-RM49.90
They were appropriate for events/dinners lo :D

I love how the last picture looked so chic. But it real life, it just looked awkward. Bought the black dress in the end. It was so pretty when I wore it and when I came out of the dressing room with the dress (because carmen called me out to see her outfit), other people literally stop talking and stared at my dress. Maybe it was just me but gosh, it was really so pretty la :)

What I bought :)

Here is an overview :)

My Haul
Carmen's Haul

Anyways I doubt Cotton On only had a one day sale.
You can try going there tomorrow.
But do note that different outlets varies in the products :)

Happy Shopping babes!
There is only 4 more days left to 2014!
Spend it wisely <3

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