Food: Cowboy Burger (SS15)

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It's a beautiful Saturday morning. Since working, Saturdays have truly been my only day of rest. Had 6 hours of sleep today. Felt so good after it, it's been awhile since I slept for so long. Anyways on a beautiful Saturday, it's a wonderful day to spend time with your loved ones.

Got invited to try out Cowboy Burger restaurant a few days ago :) It is located at SS15, same row as grafa, in case if you are wondering where.

The Entrance of The Restaurant

I didn't really know what kind of food it was, felt like the the sign was a little too chinese
But hey don't judge a book by it's cover right?

After I saw their menu, you could see me beaming with joy. Why?

Because of this baby!
Finally another pork burger joint in ss15 :D

They got a variety of food served in their restaurant.
Beef Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Pork Burgers, Pasta, Fish and Chips
BACON ICE CREAM & even Vegetarian Burgers!

Craving for some burgers but trying to lose weight?

P i g g y  Burgers anyone?

They got  s o u p  too!

B e e r  too? Hahaha
This is my first time seeing a burger joint in subang that serves beer.

Can you spot the  B A C O N  ice cream? :P

Would love to try their  M E E B A L L S  one day :)

Besides burgers they have other  W E S T E R N  dishes too :)

Oh  P A S T A <3

V E G E  Burger!

B E E F  Burger :)

The whole place reminds me of a Western Saloon cowboys would go to for their meals
Well sort of la. haha.
They even got cowboy hats for the waitresses :D

Pumpkin Soup || RM 6.80
Cooked with farm-picked, sweet and juicy pumpkin

It is surprisingly different as the other pumpkin soup I had. It isn't thick or too creamy.
In Cowboy Burger, they care very much of the quality of their food.
And always ensure a healthy style of cooking.
I shall explain more below :)

Fish and Chips || RM 17.80
Deep-fried premium fish fillet served with Cowboy herb fries and special Cowboy sauce

Their fries ought to be the best fries I had ever have with the fish combo.
It's almost the same thickness as Carl Junior's <3
The fries are paired with herbs.

Their sauces are all homemade. I especially love the orange coloured sauce.
It's not thousand island sauce yeah! I made that mistake thinking it is. haha.
I don't think there is a name for it but the first taste i had was wasabi and then filled with sweetness?
Sounds weird right? But I assume it was so amazing! Completely finish the sauces at the end of the meal.
According to the chef, it is mustard. haha.

Ma and Jacq enjoying every last bite :D

Cowboy Signature Piggy Burger || RM 18.80
 Cowboy charbroiled pork patties, served with grilled tomato, fresh onion slice, home-made black pepper BACON, fried egg, natural cheddar cheese, Cowboy classic sauce and green leaf of the day. 

It is also served with fries la :D The bacon was so thick and juicy! 
Just thinking about it again makes me drool.

The onion slices was done japanese style. They would soak it in water and slice it to the thinness slice.
The pork patty was grilled with flower oil.
Healthy much right?
This ought to be the first time I hear anyone cooking it in this method.

Cowboy Style Carbonara Pasta || RM 16.80
Cowboy-made carbonara sauce served with steaky smoke bacon topped with herbs

The first thing I asked when I saw this dish was, WHY IS THE SAUCE YELLOW?
According to the chef, this is the original carbonara.
The yellow sauce is egg yolk. He said he didn't put any cream.

First time eating carbonara pasta without feeling gelak lo :)

I looked horrible right? UGH.

The portions are really big here. 2 people could actually share a burger together lo.

Their working hours

The map to the restaurant

Picture Credits: Cowboy Burger FB Page

Immediate 10% off for all food and beverage!
(not include alcoholic drink)

Picture Credits: Cowboy Burger FB Page

A Glass of refreshing Ice Lemon Tea for FREE during Lunch Hour.
(available for Weekdays only)

Do check out their Facebook Page for more info and promotions :)
 Cowboy Burger Restaurant
25, Jalan SS 15/4b, Subang Jaya, 47500

Tel: 03-5611 9963


Happy food hunting everyone!
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