Food: Evelyn's Chocolate House (One City Mall, Subang Jaya)

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Hey! How have all of you been? I think this week ought to be the most chilled week ever. 2 HOLIDAYS in a week! Talk about a wonderful time to travel and with it being on Friday, I bet there are a lot of you all travelling with friends and family. For those who are stuck at home and cracking your brain thinking what to do on a beautiful day like this, why not try a new dessert place?

Usually whenever someone invites me out to try a new dessert place I would first think of Publika and the horror to drive D: Yes I am getting sick of driving. Trying my best to just stay in Subang now on. Need to save on all of the toll and petrol :( Ish. 

ANYWAYS, to those that LOVE chocolate desserts and are staying at SUBANG, GOOD NEWS for you all. Check out Evelyn's Chocolate House~! :D Btw they have DURIAN Chocolate Desserts too :D

Photo Credits: Groupon

Love Chocolate? Love Durian?
Lazy to travel far?

This place is in One City Mall. Two floors above Secret Recipe. Amelia and I saw their promotion on groupon and thought why not? So yeah. It's a little difficult to find them in One City Mall, so remember it's 2 floors above Secret Recipe :) Btw I will be doing a post on One City Mall in a few days, so stay tune! :)

Front Entrance

Us while waiting for our desserts to arrive

Interior Design
I absolutely adore the way they decorated the place. It gives of a 70's feel with all of the retro deco and the wallpaper design. Sort of reminds you of a diner right? :D 

Their Menu
Check out their PASTA CHOCOLATE :O Would wanna try that one day. Anyone up for the challenge? ;)

Banana Chocolate Crepe || RM21.90

Its actually not bad. Though it's a little pricier, it was worth it. This crepe wasn't too soft even with the chocolate overflowing on it. Which is what I love about it la since my previous experience of eating chocolate crepe was too soft and just tasted like crap in the end. So this trip actually made me crave for more crepe :D My friend even said that this could be a rival to Dip N Dip. haha. 

2 Chocolate Waffle Stick || RM 9.90

Nothing in the world can ever replace waffle. With that said you can tell that my biasness for waffle <3 This was my first time having waffle on a stick and omg, IT WAS AMAZING :D There was white chocolate on the top and chocolate at the bottom. It was so GOOOD.

Kinda thank god that I went with Amelia for this. 
DO NOTE: Eating this is SUPER MESSY. You have been warned!

Check out how messy our table was if you can.
Too bad the table was black.
It actually felt and looked like we had just passed a chocolate war. haha

2 Crunchy Durian Ball Truffles || RM 7.95

If you are not a durian fan, DON'T ORDER THIS. Amelia HATES durian and once I took a bite of this beautiful truffle, Durian was in the air. She kept saying "OMG it's so strong and smelly. Faster eat it." It was really strong and well I kinda thought that the taste would be mild but it was as though as I am actually eating the durian. Definitely a must try for all durian lovers! Dare I say this but I would choose this over a durian puff any day for the strong taste of durian in this :D

The Durian Essences <3

Verdict: 7/10
Would definitely return again since it's just a few minutes drive away unlike some other dessert places. hehe.
Do let me know how it is for you all!

FYI they are super interactive with their customers. 

And they do catering services too.
Do check out their Facebook Page :)

Evelyn's Chocolate House
  • A-1A-06, Level 1A, Sky Park One City, Jln USJ25/1, Subang Jaya
  • 47650 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: 016-831 8141

Happy Food Hunting! :D
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