Food: Han Woo Ri (Taipan, Subang Jaya)

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You know what? I never expected internship to be so tiring. Since I started internship, all I wanna do just eat, sleep and watch my drama shows. Shall talk about my internship on another post. There is just too much to say... Anyways how are you guys? haha.

I been having a lot of korean food lately. Another korean placed that I went to so far is HAN WOO RI! :D

Honestly, I never expected much of this restaurant since I didn't hear anyone talking about it, but gosh, 
IT'S WORTH IT'S MONEY & I THINK IT'S MY FAV korean restaurant by far <3

Craving for something different?
Wanna Korean restaurant but don't know which to try out?

It's located at the 3rd floor above of Old Town White Coffee @ Taipan
Went there on a Sunday and was surprise to see that their set lunch meals
are also available for weekends! <3

Oh thank you god! hehe
btw this is NOT HALAL. To all of my Malay friends, I am sorry.
The next korean post would be a HALAL place!
I promise :D

The Menu

As you can see everything is quite affordable la.
Even their meat for BBQ is cheaper as compare to other Korean stores out there

The place had a very cheerful mood, then again it could be due to the all of their windows.
It looked super new and clean as we enter. Some how way better than daorae la.

The staff was very friendly and constantly asked if we were okay and were attentive to our every need. It seem like each waiter was assigned to each table. Because when we were there, I notice that the same waiter came back to serve us while the other waiters continuously served the other tables of people in the restaurant. Plus point for that! :D

The Side Dishes

Been to about 5 different Korean restaurants so far and I got to say that HAN WOO RI's side dishes are my absolute favourite! Not sure if you all realise this when you visit different korean restaurants but their side dishes are different from each other. I guess that is how they manage to stand out among each other.

For HAN WOO RI's, I LOVE THEIR POTATO SALAD <3 I refilled my potato salad for about 10 times? Yes I know, I am a pig. But whatever. We only live once and I got a gym. hahahaha. 

Anyways just in case you all don't know, Han Woo Ri's side dishes includes, Kimchi, Egg, Anchovies (Ikan Bilis), Bitter Gourd, long vege? I forgotten the name of that type of vege and POTATO SALAD!

Might just visit them soon :)

FYI the food below is from their Lunch Set which is available everyday! <3
The set lunch comes with 5 dishes of side dishes, fruits, tea & cold barley.

Kimchi Che Gye || RM 15
Kimchi, Pork & Tofu Soup with Rice

Shin Ra Myun || RM 15
Spicy or Non Spicy Noodle Soup with Korean Rice Cake

Bul Go Gi || RM19.90
Marinated Beef with Mushroom, Rice and Soup

If it wasn't for the wonderful side dish, I would have ask for more helping of their soup.
Seriously, Koreans have the best soup in the world.
Oh their bean curd soup <3

A bunch of us actually went to the restaurant to celebrate a special someone's birthday :)

All of US

 Sharlene, I & Joy <3

Lucky to have shot her expression when she open her gifts ;)
Guess someone is a happy girl:D

VERDICT: 4.5/5
Seriously, everything was just perfect there. The best Korean experience I ever had :)
Do make sure to check out their FB Page for more mouth watering pictures of their Korean BBQ :D

Restaurant Korean BBQ Han Woo Ri
3rd Floor, 1D & 2D, Jalan USJ 10/1J,
47620 UEP, Subang Jaya,
Selangor D.E

Tel: 03-8023 3357

Happy food hunting everyone :)
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