Food: Hui Lau Shan (Pavilion)

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So it's Thursday, one more day to go until FRIDAY! Been seriously wiped out from all of the events this week. Do stay tune! I shall blog about them when I am free, but for instant updates follow me on instagram, twitter or dayre la. Its somehow faster to blog there. heh.

Anyways back to the day out in KL with the babes. If you have been keeping up I went to KL last Tuesday since it's a public holiday. Went to Typo to shop and Ichi Zen for lunch :) So after lunch we went for desserts at Hui Lau Shan! :D

I didn't know what to expect wen I saw this place at level 6. We actually just walk passed it because we were afraid that it would be too expensive for us. Like the saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover, so we decided to check out this 'stall' after lunch. We check through their menu before going to our seats (haihs, life of a student).

Craving for some cold fruity desserts with actual fruits in it?

The outside display of the dessert stall

Their Main Outlet is at Hong Kong since 1960's

They had a promotion which is choose 3 dishes for RM12 :) 

Was seriously tempted to order the mango chewy ball at their original size
Too bad we were too full to manage

Their Menu

It is self service when ordering
as it is like the typical old town white coffee style la.

Somehow, we sat very gam at day.
Jo & Joyce sat at the no. 21 table while Joy & I sat at the no. 22 table.
Still can't believe that I am turning 22 this year D:

So here is 3 dishes that we chose

Mini Mango Crip (4 Pieces) 

It was like having ice cream mango covered in crumbs. So GOOD. First time trying something like that.

Mango Chewy Ball

When I saw it, it didn't look too appetizing. Was actually scare since the mango looked a little too dark.
Anyways as I took a bite of it, it was just incredible. It tasted like heaven.
It was just overflowing of MANGO and the chewy ball was amazing!
It's as chewy as the snowflake's taroball.
I chewed to my heart's content man <3
It's like tang yuan la.

Mini Mango Coconut

That is Mango ice cream with coconut and mango slices at the side. Was kinda shock that it is coconut lo. One looked at the dish and I thought it was whip cream. HAHA. How noob I was!
ANYWAYS. The ice cream was not as sweet as I expected which was a let down la.
But then again, it could have been my mouth filled with too many mango sweetness already.

All of the dishes
I have to say I love Mango Chewy Ball the most <3


As you can see from this picture
The bowl is actually the same size as a tea cup la. A tea cup with a huge circumference 

We cleaned every last 'bowl' without leaving a drop behind. hehe.

Verdict: 7/10

They are very famous in Hong Kong as they only use 100% real fruits with no sugar or preservation. This really ought to be one of my favourite mango desserts place. I have to say that this place got better mango dessert dishes as Snowflake lo. I tried their Mango Sensation recently and it wasn't as much mango on their dish.

Hui Lau Shan (許留山) Malaysia

Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL, Lot. 6.43.00, Level 6
Next to a pasta store, In the middle of level 6 floor

168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-21103313

Website: www.hkhls.com

Other outlets in Malaysia:
Berjaya Times Square 
Cheras Leisure Mall 
The Mines 
One Utama 
Gurney Plaza 

Happy Food Hunting! :D
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