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Remember the previous post of TYPO? Well, continuing the KL DAY OUT with the babes post now :) After walking around window shopping in Pavilion, we finally decided to go for lunch. Our first choice was SUKIYA Buffet. So okay la we went. There was a freaking LONG line when we arrive! After waiting for 15 minutes outside, we were still at the same spot of the line. The line didn't move at all. It was damn packed! I guess Sukiya is really popular these days and it is a public holiday after all :(

So while we were at Tokyo Street, Level 6 @ Pavilion, we decided to enter to Ichi Zen because of their affordable set lunch displaying at the front of the restaurant :)

Stuck in KL and not sure where to go to eat?
Craving for Japanese food but worry of leaving with an empty wallet? 

The interior

I love how it is set up very Japanese modern fusion. Love their comfy seats. It's a perfect environment for reunions or bonding time with the family. There was about 3 tables that had our age group. The rest was family having their lunch time. Felt every homey when we were there :)

They served free green tea! <3
Take your pick, cold or hot? hehe.

Their Lunch Set Menu

It seems so japanese having this stone clay plate  :D

Joyce saw something out of this world and decided to order it.
We all shared it together and gosh, this ought to be the best drink ever to quench your thirst :D

Sahara Bliss || RM13
It's filled with some fruit slices at the bottom. Very smoothie like.
It was exactly like a fruit punch but with actual fruits la :D

All who order the set had a Chawanmushi
If you don't know what this is, its steam egg but in like a soft toufu form.
It was not bad. I am after all an egg lover, so what ever I say might be bias. hahaa.

Wakadori Teriyaki Set || RM22
Chicken with Teriyaki sauce. 
Just check out the amount of food given with such an affordable price!

Saba Shioyaki || RM16
Sated Fish
According to Joy, she said this was a let down as in Japan it tasted way smoother?
When I had it, I made sure I dip it with teriyaki sauce because without it, it was just too plain.

Sanshoku Temaki To Nabeyaki Udon Set || RM32
Everything here was in one SET. AMAZING right?
I seriously loved the udon's soup for this set. It was so tasteful.
I guess it's because the soup had egg in it <3

It was too much that we share our dishes with each other. haha

Tori Niku Tamago Toji Set Udon || RM 26
This was mine. Chicken with egg.
The udon soup for this set was too plain for me, but the rest seem to love this simplicity soft taste.
It was a really clear udon soup la.
I refer the previous one with a strong taste :D

Empty clean bowls

NOTE: We ordered 3 sets for the four of us. 
Actually even 2 sets with the udons might have been enough for all of us.

Verdict: 8/10
Overall I really enjoyed my meal here. It was very nice environment to eat with easy. The waiters are also very friendly and they were on the constant look out to help refill our empty glasses. Plus the lunch set is really worth the money la. Was so glad that they also offer their lunch set ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS <3 Would definitely return here with my family when I get my salary. hohoho  :P

All of us <3
Ichi Zen
Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL, Lot. 6.24.1B, Level 6
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-21428333

Website: http://www.edoichigroup.com/

Other Outlets: Johor, Subang Jaya & Malacca

Happy food hunting!
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