Food: J&D Espresso (Bandar Utama)

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It's a Sunday afternoon and I bet all of us are lazing around the house. How is your Sunday so far? I am having one of the worst Sunday ever. 

Sometimes I don't understand how some parents communicate with their kids. You want us to listen to you and follow your commands but you never take the time to understand your child. Call me a rebel or whatever but that is just how it is like now. Haihs. Ranting again. 

Anyways it is a Sunday afternoon. 
Bored beyond belief?
Want to try out a desert place?
Need to do some work and need fast wifi?

Tried out J&D Espresso last Thursday with Kishya. Haven't seen her since finals and we were actually searching around for a good place to have tea time together. So happen that we were around Tropicana at that time. We search the entire SunwayMas for a good dessert restaurant but couldn't find any. 

In the end we settle with J&D as when we saw it by the corner of a junction. FYI this store is someone in the middle of the shop-lots that have Jaya Grocer and on the back entrance to Kampung Cempaka. Hope that helps to give you all a rough idea of where it is :)

The entrance

If you notice at the left, they have seats outside of the store for those who want to smoke or smell fresh air? Haha. Well sort of fresh air la. 

The Coffee Station

As you enter the restaurant, you have to pass to their coffee station and only into the dining area. Felt so classy like need to enter twice to find a place to sit. hahaha.

Monochrome Artsy Design

Cushion seats!

Hope you all get what I am trying to say. Haha. The walls are sort of coffee stain like and the designs of the monkeys on top makes it seems very artistic? Gosh I feel like I am just crapping now. But honestly when I entered the place, I immediately fell in love with the place. It's just so warm and welcoming. If only they played indie songs instead of katy perry's songs D:

Their Menu

Their method of ordering is very old town white coffee style
Felt like they didn't really need to do it that manner and 
could have just get their waiters to ask us what we want.

Us while waiting for our food to arrive

Cappucino || RM 8

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake || RM 12

This was amazing! The cake was surprisingly not very sweet but just perfect.
The Ice Cream help to neutralize the entire meal.

After a few minutes, here is the aftermath of the cake :P

Us with our food :D

Verdict: 3.5/5

I love the entire setting of the restaurant and it's tech savvy la. They have power plug around the entire restaurants. Almost all of their customers were working adults with their laptop. If only this was at Subang then I would be there with my latte and rushing for my midnight assignment. haha.

J&D Espresso
  • Oasis Business Centre BU11, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama
  • 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: 017-313 3931

Happy food hunting everyone!
Have a good week ahead! :D
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